Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, July 25th, 2024

Education is the Remedy

May 15, 2011

Education is the foundation for civilization and development of any society. Illiteracy leads to many social catastrophes including narrow-mindedness and fundamentalist conservatives. Afghanistan is a society still at the stage of its preliminary days of evolution towards a civilized and modern society. Three decades of war have fully destroyed...

More Consideration is Needed to Universities

May 14, 2011

I am a student in Kabul University and daily reader of your newspaper. The daily Outlook Afghanistan is one of the best newspapers in our country and I do appreciate it. When you specified a part of the page for the readers' view, I started reading it every day and I observed different problem talked about. So I decided to send you som...

Please, Promote Optimism and Hope

May 12, 2011

As a constant reader of your outstanding newspaper I have to share a vital issue with you and our nation. Sorry to say that our country is burning in the cruel battlefield of war and insecurity and is suffering from poverty and economic problems since long time ago but there are some productive and required strategies and techniques all our people have to practice to prevent more deterioration of the current...

The Role of TV Channels on Our Community

May 11, 2011

In Afghanistan the number of TV channels is reaching almost two dozen. Besides news updates, a variety of programs are being broadcasted. Afghan had never had such experience. The existence of these TV channels encourages the new and old Afghan artists which is very vital for the future of Afghan music and film industry. Meanwhile these channels can play a very important role in opening the minds of...

The Side Affect of Unhealthy Foods

May 10, 2011

While you walk on roads in Afghan capital will find hundreds of people selling various foods, fruits, dry fruits, vegetables and other edible items – there are mostly not protected from dust and other pollutants. This cause the number of patients to increase by leaps and bounds and the hospitals are getting crowded. As we see in Afghanistan,...

Osama Didn’t Attact Navy SEAL

May 09, 2011

The U.S. has offered no evidence whatsoever to show that Osama Bin Laden resisted the Navy SEAL's attack. No matter what one thinks of the Al Qaeda leader, this was a cold blooded American plot sanctioned by President Obama to assassination Bin Laden, complete with the disposal od his body. This is not justice or democracy in action but the stuff...

Women Need More Attention

May 08, 2011

Before Islam the Arabs used to bury their girls at birth. Islam gave new dignity and honor to women. In the initial years of Islam the women helped the Muslim men in spreading Islam. However due tp misinterpretation of laws in Islam, the sufferings of women began. In Afghanistan the women have suffered a lot. They have been deprived...

Lighten Afghanistan!!

May 07, 2011

The longer periods of conflicts have left Afghanistan with serious social and economical issues – these are very concerning and need urgent attention. Problems like poverty, unemployment, child labor, worst women condition etc are the biggest challenges. Though they will take long time, we need to start today! Providing basic necessities to...

Education is Must for Both Men and Women

May 05, 2011

Education is the root to all success, achievements and humanity, today education has put us into a new world with a new life initiative, we can never deny the importance of education. Neither we can stop the children from going to school, nor we have the right to so. Today rarely it happens with some of the...

The War is not Over Yet

May 04, 2011

May be some times the world forgets about war-torn Afghanistan. Still here is a huge need for the world to understand the fight on terror in Afghanistan; many people think it is all over after the death of Bin Laden. But, the war in Afghanistan still persists to continue with no end, it's pretty known, there is still an strong legacy exists after his...

Is High Inflation Bigger Threat than Any for a Destitute?

May 03, 2011

However Afghanistan has made remarkable progress since the fall of the Taliban. However the country is still suffering of a weak economy. Education, health care, the lack of jobs, homes, power and drinking water are the main problems that Afghanistan is facing ...

Government Must be Supported

May 02, 2011

We make the government and we should support it. The government of Afghanistan is new and faces numerous problems like terrorism, corruption etc. We can help our government to move fast against these issues and fix them in short span of time. We are all responsible to bolster the current government. This is important for us, honestly! Instead of making progress and competing the world we are busy in...

There is an Urgently Need For it

May 01, 2011

Technology is something that we need urgently. Our government has to bolster its efforts for bringing latest technology to Afghan Entities, Firms and Organization a soon as possible. One prominent field in which we have to go forward is adopting the latest technology. The use of technology in offices, industries and agriculture would make our lives ...

There Must be a Serious Concern on Children’s Health

April 30, 2011

Since last couple of weeks I am noticing while reading the LTE portion of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan that the readers of the Daily Outlook write about the women and children right. So I decided to say about it too. It is right that in Afghanistan the health condition of children is quite concerning. So far no attention is being paid causing...

Does Corruption Deepen Poverty?


As long as we are well cognizant with the fact that the present governmental surroundings in Afghanistan, corruption has really deep-rooted in and caused the poor at mercy of the power. This has surely very negative impacts, especially on poor people, while one in three people are living in absolute poverty. Deeply considering, one...

Can Good Education Secure Our Career?


No body denies the importance of education, not only to get a job, but rather to have highly functioning and viable societies, businesses and governments. However, I also belief that too much emphasis is placed on a degree with little regard to whether or not the degree applies to the job and with no regard to business experience in a given area or industry. I know of individuals who landed a job because they ...

Can Afghanistan Alone Stand on it’s Feet?


Terrorism, Corruption, discrimination, inflation are the problems from which Afghanistan is suffering. Even After billions of dollars assisted by our international community after the fall of Taliban, still our country delimited with problems. Who is responsible for this?
Every Afghan wants to see their beloved country developed, well-off and prosperous and want to live comfortably in their homeland but now each ...

Indiscrimination of Human on Earth


Today indiscrimination has reached on its highest peak, everywhere conflicts and clashes going on without and cease of comprehension to understand and put a glance on the importance of human kind on earth. This world has begin to become the world of hatrate, love and peace have gone away, now the war and human killing come to stay on every ...

The Harsh Attitude of Parents Towards Children


If you smile at a child, in response you definitely receive a smile back. In Afghanistan the attitude of people towards children is really harsh – especially to the working children. This attitude has negative psychological impact on them. They will grow the same kind of behavior. In whatsoever condition we are, we must treat the children humanely. For very negligible mistakes, punishing ...

The Miss Use of Mobile Phones


There is no doubt the mobile phones has facilitated us much. Today we communicate in every field with ease that was not possible in the near past. They have also made the business dealings convenient and fast. Most of the business transactions take place by the use of mobile phones. In Afghanistan like other countries of the world the use of cell phones are increasing by leaps and bounds.

Today millions of Afghans have access to this technology.
With all the positive usages the mobiles have, there are number demerits associated ...

The Increase Rate of Addicts in Herat


oday the country is steeped in drug addicts and poppy production. Since last year, the number of addicts in Afghanistan in general, but western Herat in particular has risen to over 70, 000. Herat addicts mainly include jobless youths most of whom have been deported from Iran and other western countries. They were addicted to drugs and other addictive things while they were living in Iran and other...

Children Suffer Due to Improper Nourishment


This is my second letter sending to the Daily Outlook and hopefully it will be published. Today, like every other problems, we are in a great danger of parenting that has really begin to worry the people as it is getting stronger day by day to meet the needs of their growing children. And as a result, children are suffering from their lack of...

Afghan Children Too Need Attention


Mostly we talk about the rights of women, the wrong doings of government, politics and hundreds of such issues. These are necessary discussions for knowing where we stand. In Afghanistan the number of issues is more than other countries – the issues that need more attention.

The problems of Afghan children have never been considered

Street Dogs at Night in Kabul Streets Make it Impossible


This is to bring to the attention of Kabul municipality that the residents of Kabul are facing serious problems because of the wandering dogs. At night, they make the streets of Kabul impassable and bark - making sleeping of many people difficult. These dogs are also creating certain problems for people in day. The ....

We Need Your Attention to Universities


I am a student in Kabul University and daily reader of your newspaper. The daily Outlook Afghanistan is one of the best newspapers in our country and I do appreciate it. I have sent many letters to be published in the newspaper. Since long I observed different problems has be raised by my countrymen,...