Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

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Education can be the Only Solution

Dear Editor,
Afghan people still suffer from the extreme rate of illiteracy dominated the country. More than 70 percent of population in Afghanistan is illiterate which is the matter of a serious concern is.

We need professionals in the field of Engineering, Medical, and Scientific Research, Information Technology, Teaching and other related fields to develop.

Today education should be the purpose of every Afghan youth. It is an absolute obligatory for all of us to educate our children under any circumstances so that we should not face any further trouble in the u coming years.

Lack of awareness among the people led to deprive both their girls and boys from getting education during and after the Taliban government which still continues to dominate most of us. The government has to pay attention on making more and more schools and make specials plans for women to get access to education.

The people must capacitate to go forward and compete the world in the field of education.

Today if we suffer from different problems that is only the lack of education and lack of awareness among the people who are in the same belief that they were in the past centuries.

It is believed that without education we will remain backward and the world will continue categorizing our country as third world and we will have the same sufferings we have had in the past.

Therefore, education has been emphasized in our religion too and is must for both man and woman.

So, it is hereby brought to the attention of all Afghans to let their children go schools. The prime needs of Afghanistan are education and we have to leave no stone unturned to seek knowledge.
Best Regards
Fatima Abbassi
Koshal Khan Menna, Kabul