Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

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The Ongoing Insecurity Disappoints the People

Dear Editor,
Today the speed of cares is a very serious problem that has not been concerned by the higher traffic controller in Kabul city. The high speed of the cars is not only the main cause of accidents taking place every day around Kabul city, but also pollutes the environment of the city which is the worst killer then the car accident.

Most of the people would probably agree that going 100 is foolishly dangerous and will very likely lead to a disastrous car accident. The problem is exceeding the speed limit by only 5 mph in the wrong place can be just as dangerous, particularly at the high ways like "Kabul" and around.

For such mindless drivers around the city, there must be a law which should control the speed of the cars with a limited speed in the city and highways.
We all have our kids and children going to school early in the morning, what happens if your child god forbid gets injured in a car accident with that is threatening your kids life? The children are crossing the road without understanding the situation of the roads, So with such speed driving, (1) it is the main cause of accidents, (2) it is the main cause of polluting the city where you and we live because in most of the areas, the roads are not paved.

In fact, we have understood that the speed of the car is a life threatening, especially the innocent lives of children which every day we see that the numbers of injuries and lose of lives are mostly the small children.
In addition to the following consequences, this happens when the drivers are new and unexperienced, who are just introduced to the cars without understanding the very proper role of driving, traffic law and other driving system, they are provided to drive without any concerning risks and accidents which already threat us every day by their respected parents.

Observing the constant accident every day happens, one of the very manefast example that happened just today which has broken the legs of the drivers and caused many other physical damages to the both car driver and motorbike rider.

Consequently, these are the incidents, everyday we see happen and cause many serious injuries, especially in the high ways and streets. If it's not concerned by the responsible authorities the consequences may be more serious than we face today. Therefore, its requested by the residents that please limit your driving mood and don't play with the lives of poor people and children because you and we all have children.
Best Regards
Nazia Saba
Taiman-e-, Kabul