Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

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Pollution Persists to Threaten Lives

Dear Editor,
To live in a town steeped in grim pollution is more like living under a death sentence if the damage doesn't come from immediate poisoning, then cancers, lung infection, mental retardation are more likely outcomes for the Kabul residents.

More likely than any other time in the history of human, today Afghan people typically prefer living in cities rather than rural areas where a brutish and barbaric killer the "Taliban" only behead the people. Every day life is becoming tougher and tougher, especially in Afghanistan where there all hopes are becoming to die.

From one side, the Taliban and from the other side corruption and dishonesty which are the only signs of a temper bloodshed. The roots of crimes, violence and other social crimes are usually spring to every body's mind, bur more than a few serious public health issues may prove just as capable if not so causing injury, illness and death.

Pollution has become a persistent growing problem in our daily life, particularly in Kabul city where the thick and black smoke of the cars and air pollution cause dozens of death than any normal death taking place every daily.

However, the car smoking pollution is another big threat to individual's lives, it doesn't only harm the public but it also harms the drivers themselves including other's lives around the streets and highways, but mostly in the heart of the city. Perhaps, the old cars are mostly the reason behind such killer environment caused by the old cars in Kabul city.

Early in the early morning we breathe dust and car smokes instead of fresh air. From home up to the work, a person gets dustier as if he has just come out of the dust. At the moment, people are suffering from various kinds of disease, like sort-throat and other killer illnesses which are caused by the dirty air we breathe for 24 hours.

On the other hand, the sanitations that the government is working on have been built for 2 times and destroyed for the 3times because they believe that was not standard. Like this, they have remained unrepaired which is another tension of pollution.

The roads become thick from the dust when a car crosses the road and breathing such air for a sick person becomes like a silent killer. Unfortunately, yet there have not been any serious actions against this bloody problem despite daily complaining from the people and request to put an action in order to control this killer "Pollution".

Doctors warn that unless action is taken, Kabul faces serious life threatening illness due to air pollution. If air pollution keeps rising the way it is now, Afghan people will more likely to die of pollution rather than the Taliban in the near future.
With Due Respect
Saima Mohammadi