Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

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New Distribution of Textbooks Boosted the Spirit of Students

Dear Editor,
After the collapse of the Taliban, the international community has had lots of achievements in various field of life, particularly in the field of Education. Afghan children have enormously enrolled schools and youths are making the most use of education today! The ministry of Education confirmed that now about 8.2 million both girls and boys enjoy the school environment. But lack of proper text books at school was creating serious problems for the students.

In response to this problem, the Ministry of Education has recently printed and distributed new school textbooks for higher grade students. The newly distributed text books are much more informative and innovative, compared to the previous textbooks, according to students. But there are still challenges that the private schools face, in terms of using the old version of the text books because the new textbooks are not yet distributed to the private schools.

Keeping in mind the problems that the private schools are facing, I would like to request the higher responsible authorities to commit themselves for a new change in the private schools. This change will is considered to be the best initiative for the private schools.

Warmest Regard,
Ali Omid
Shaheed Mazari Square, Kabul