Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, July 25th, 2024

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Women are in Trouble

Dear Editor,
Girls suffer the worst on the streets while going to school and in other public places. Street harassment is a human rights issue because it limits women's ability to be in public as often or as comfortably as most men. The mobility of all members of the community is often restricted as well because of harassment and hateful violence motivated by the person's actual or perceived gender expression or sexual orientation.

Every day around Kabul streets, we see different types of disturbance that mostly happen with the female. It ranges from leers, whistles, honks, kissing noises, and non-sexually explicit evaluative comments, to more insulting and threatening behavior like vulgar gestures, sexually charged comments, flashing, and stalking, to illegal actions which are worst then murdering.

As a result, women can't walk, talk, laugh, work, teach, eat, and visit due to people on the streets are abusing them. They are simply limited to their home places and this caused them to take less part in decision making at their community and country levels. Teenage girls are mostly the victims.

Girls aged 19 are 90% experiencing street harassment in Kabul streets. This must be stopped at any cost. The government and other responsible authorities must act responsively to the problem. If the government and those of responsible authorities think that both men and women are entitled with equal opportunities in Afghan society, then they must take concern to tackle this problem. We are seriously under violence and disturbance. I would also like to know that what you would suggest for the next generation of girls. Life or death if you chose them to live then please think of your own mother and sisters.

Masouda Fadaye
Dashte-e-Barchi, Kabul