Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, June 25th, 2024

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The Ongoing Crime, Corruption and Violence

Dear Editor,
There is a growing agreement between scholars and analysts that some of the most imperative issues that need to be addressed in Afghanistan are corruption, organized crime, and the illegal economy more broadly defined on the ground. What became more obvious by what we daily observe is that the concern is very much shared by individuals and communities.

However, the local people relate these issues part of a broader problem of abuse of power. In particular, there is a growing emphasize on how they outlook as inter-related the problems of corruption, crime, human rights abuse, and political violence in Afghanistan, particularly in Kabul.

And we still see corruption, crime, weak rule of law; these are all because of the criminals within state structures who are fighting for their own personal advantages ignore both government and people only seeking to achieve their goals even at the cost of the lives.

Thus, the same people who run the narcotics trade are often involved in corruption and human rights violations. For Example, some of the provincial governors have been involved in everything, from drugs trafficking to crime and human rights abuse but if someone rises his/her sound against them are threatened to death or even assassinated by the same criminals in the name of Al-Qaeda or insurgents.

Above all, my discussion indicates that most of the local actors perceive these various forms of abuse of power not as separate forces but as part of the broader conflict complex. In particular, ongoing extortion, organized crime and human right violations are seen as linked to the structures and equipment of the state, These developments lend credibility to Taliban narratives, which seek to capture and mobilize grievances to undermine the legitimacy of the state and the international presence, in this way, succeed to achieve their personal goals soon.
Kindest Regard
Yalda Nasimzadah
Shahrak-e- Aria, Kabul