Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

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Vulnerable Families Struggling to Survive in Winter

Dear Editor,
Every year, extremely cold winter causes harsh humanitarian problems in Afghanistan, with the number of people killed by cold weather and heavy snow in several parts of the country, especially in rural ear, over the past one month the temperature got colder.
As day by day the weather gets cold and colder, it also increases the number of its victims in the country and the main reason for that is the people don't have full preparation for winter, since most of the people are under great victims of poverty.

Typically, the people were interviewed by media, they said that they have economical problems and they can't afford to get stove, wood, blankets and other equipments in order to scope with winter, therefore, they face problems and the number of victims in winter increases.

As most of the people are labors they say, that when we come to city for work in a weak we can get work for only 2/3 days in which we earn not more than 400/500 hundreds people which is equal to about $8.00 or $10. 00 and by that amount even a small family can't feed their families in such costly environment.

As the government and other humanitarian NGOs promised that they will support the people in this winter, due to heavy snow fall most of the roads to the far provinces from Kabul will get blocked and they will have to carry those equipments through airplanes to those provinces, which still didn't happen.

So we kindly request the government and humanitarian NGOs to support the vulnerable families in this cold winter in order to decrease the number of the victims.

Warmest Regards
Farishta Yaqoubi
Kart-e-4 Kabul