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Borqa and Miss Shabana Shams

Dear Editor,

In her piece of writing published under the title of "Women are still excluded", in the Daily outlook Afghanistan dated 17-04-2012, Ms. Shabana Shams has tried to conceal the truth and mislead the illiterate Afghans by saying that women are not allowed to come out of their houses without wearing a proper Borqa. If Ms. Shabana is a true Afghan Muslim woman, she should have not dare utter these anti Islamic and anti Afghan cultural words.  

However, I agree completely with Ms. Shabana in demanding from government to protect girl's schools throughout the country but it can be regretfully said that the writer being an Afghan woman opposes ridiculously and absurdly wearing of Borqa, one of the sacred commandments of Islam. Indeed she is committing a religious crime by doing so. Borqa, in fact is the beauty and part and parcel of woman without which a woman is considered incomplete .

The thing which distinguishes apparently a woman from man is Borqa .She should have written in the defense of women rights like many people do but within the limitations of Islam. Democracy does not mean to write against one owns religion. Ms. Shabana should realize the fact that there is vast difference between the democracies of West and that of ours. For them, democracy means to cross all morale and religious boundaries.

Ms, Shabana should also keep in mind that democracy here is just a system of government and not anti Islamic acts or words. To defend women right is mere a hollow slogan of Westerns here. If you ask any foreigner women rights activist about his sister, daughter and mother names, hardly he will have any answer. It is a fact that no other law has protected women rights properly so far more than Islam has did.

She went on saying further that women are subjected to sexual violence etc , I say if a women comes out of her home without wearing proper Borqa, possibly she will be subjected to all kinds of violence including sexual by the vagabonds of the city whose duty is just to tease modest women in the streets. In contrast to this, woman wearing Borqa is respected by everyone. Actually Miss Shabana is in favor of these vagabonds. Anyhow, we hope a bright future for all men and women of Afghanistan.

Ahmad Shoaib,