Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

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Non Professional Journalists, no Less than a Threat

Dear Editor,
A non professional journalist, particularly those employed by majority of local radio stations is amongst the countless issues of Afghanistan that has not been considered seriously by the relevant authorities yet. Or journalism has been confined by such untrained journalists to just sitting in front of mics and presenting of articles or else careless and ignorant of acceptable code of ethics that have to be followed strictly by a journalist.

Such journalists should be taught that journalism is beyond the understandings and thoughts of a 10 class student and it is a scared and serious job. As an example, I was listening to an interview being aired by a local radio station once, an untrained journalist asked the ANA interviewee the strength of the staff deployed in their checkpoint, the interviewee unaware of law disclosed the exact number of the staff stationed there, a confidential matter that is traced easily by the insurgents listening to such radio stations.

In fact, this is not less than threatening journalism. Coverage of such topics is again not job of a school student. It requires professionalism along with talent and experience. This matter has to be paid heed by the ministry of culture and information instead of a common man as me. So, through these lines I suggest the relevant officials either to close such radio stations at once or to launch effective, not traditional training programs for such untrained radio journalists.
Ahmad Shoaib,