Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, July 25th, 2024

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Unemployment is the Root Cause of all Crimes

Dear Editor,
I think this is not only I analyze that unemployment is the reason driving the people to wards crimes and war, rather every single person from any part of the world thinks and openly analyzes so. Like these days, the inflation is on its highest peak and corruption rate has increased all over the country just to earn money, no justice for the poor people who with full hunger all the day standing beside the roods to find some one who needs a man to get his work done.

Typically, when a person comes and asks one for work the whole street get blocked all the people standing beside the root rush to wards that person and persist him to get him for today's work so that he can provide his poor children who are all the day running on the streets, cleaning the cars to get some amount of money.

Today, this is a very common thing, especially in Afghanistan. They all the day run jut to get an opportunity to make a life of common man average where all at lest get basic needs of life, food, cloths and shelter. The authorities must consider these people on whom the poverty is at its extreme level and how there is a huge gap between upper class people and lower class, obviously lower class is more likely to get influenced and dragged to wards crimes and destruction.
Nasiba Sadat
Kart-e- Sakhee