Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

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IEDs Continue to Kill

Dear Editor,
These home-made bombs have been regarded the greatest killer of military and civilians in Afghanistan and so far no proper solution exists to prevent the incidents caused by these bombs. In many cases, innocent Afghans travelling with their family from one province or district to other have all been killed as result of their vehicle hitting a road side bomb.

In recent IED attacks in Kunduz, according to reports, many US soldiers were killed. The killings caused by IED or road side bombs have gone increasing by the passage of each day especially in insecure provinces of Afghanistan clearly signaling the inability of NATO and Afghan forces towards this techniques being widely used by insurgents.

Travelling by Afghanistan roads means you are highly risking your life. Killing civilians clearly signals that Taliban are flying blind as they do not hesitate to kill women and children. The inhuman and brutal attitudes of Taliban are blackening their image in the eyes of Afghan people.

The failure of Afghan government to bring betterment in security condition and continuous killings and bloodshed are extremely disappointing the people of Afghanistan.

Warm Regards
Mohammad Asif Yaqubi
Mackroyan, Kabul