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Disappointing Statement of President


Disappointing Statement  of President

The recent statements of Presi dent Karzai regarding foreign presence in the country were largely covered by domestic media and Newspapers. He said that foreigners (international community) were in Afghanistan due to their own political, economic and security interests. He went further and ignored vital assistance of foreigners and said that they had not built infrastructures; and even concrete roads and highways for their own transportation facility not for Afghan people, and are destroying them with armed and heavy vehicle rolling on. He also talked about unwillingness of foreign countries to arm and train Afghan security forces. "We do not have F-16 jet air, while twenty years ago we had 450 airplane and more than hundred helicopters".

The claims hit largely domestic news headlines and there were accusations of too late understanding. Some even went further and said that foreigners were, indeed, gained double of what they spent in the country. The concept that foreigners always took interest to capture Afghanistan is quite familiar indiscriminately among all Afghans. And the current presence of international community, on the top US, is suspicious for common people too, no doubt. What amazed the analysts was the allegation that US and other involved countries financially and economically gained double of what they spend for all civil and military expenses! I actually did not care much about the allegation till I put the topic with my friends. I figured out that the above notion is not an exception among Afghans at all, even among the so-called new young generation with democratic mindset. I was really disappointed when a tiny gathering of my friends opposed me on the topic and blamed of not understanding politics and issues behind scenes.

They argued that Taliban and Al-Qaeda both were found by western countries, particularly the United States. And they were supported and still financed by federal treasury of the United States along with Saudi Arabia and intelligence service of Pakistan. Their principle reason was the "strength of Taliban-led militants" and impotence of international community to eliminate them. "What they want is a long-term presence in Afghanistan, which is not possible without finding a pretext—keeping militants alive". Otherwise, how it would be possible that hundred thousand of well-equipped armies could not defeat few armed Talibs?  

With much respects with opposing views, I want to say that I do believe, like them, that not only Taliban but the entire Jihadist groups were supported during former Soviet invasion by Islamic and western countries alike though they had different intentions but with similar objective—getting Soviet Union out of the country. Islamic countries were supporting Jihadists in fear that 'Godless' communists would have wiped out the religion, and Islam was in danger, while the US and its allies were trying to restrict socialism ideology and win over the Soviet Union. And I also, like others, maintain that militarily involved countries do not completely follow humanitarian cause, of course, they have their own interests to fulfill.

But the question is whether the United States or the rest of countries really support militants in order to prolong their presence in the country? Unlike many answering positively, I strongly disagree with the notion. Is not it ridiculous, for God's sake? As I said, Western countries largely supported financially and armed Afghani Jihadists, including Taliban militants, during jihad against communist USSR. But that was all for the past. Since the very start of Soviet military withdrawal, the ideology of capitalism became the global economic system and its western supporters just retreated from Afghanistan and cut ties with all previously forced friends. Because being in the country had nothing for them, except its burden of reestablishment, the thing which no one got ready to give a hand. You know the history of thereafter far better then me and I am not going to write anything more.

Presently, the US and its NATO allies have came into understanding that the biggest danger to the ideals they fought for centuries and their people sacrificed during history is extremism and fundamentalism. The international community would be stupid if they forget how Talibanistic regime views democracy, human rights, freedom, security and other modern values. Taliban was not felt a danger till it openly supported terror attacks and openly stood against the international community. I do not know how the world was if 9/11 had not happened, and how the world would treat Taliban against its theocratic totalitarian government?

After 9/11, they world understood that Taliban regime was not mere a government that exerted miseries to Afghans, but it was a reactionary ideology against modern values which could develop dangerous for the entire global security and stability. Establishing a headquarter for all extremists and Islamic radicals in Afghanistan and supporting terror networks could/can endanger security of all countries and brought about political instability that could easily harm economic performance, that is something obvious. Therefore, the international community has concluded that Afghanistan as headquarter of Taliban-led militants threatens all and no country would be safe with their presence. To eliminate the threat they engaged here. Only in this year, the US alone has spent more then hundred billion dollars, while at home it is facing critical economic problem. What it is taking out of the country that no body even has noticed. What are those ultra-valuable goods that can compensate more then hundred billion dollars that US spends annually?

If my country mates are thinking about mineral metals or natural resources, they cannot be excavated without people noticing. And, moreover, if excavated, they would not compensate the giant budget that US allocated for counterinsurgency struggle here. Then why it has engaged itself into Afghanistan mess?
The answer is here. The US has strategic and political interests in the country, not economic ones, at least larger extent. If Mr. President is talking that foreign countries are here mere for their own sake, it may be right, but he as a president should notice something else: the interests of international community, at the moment, strongly entangled with that of Afghans. Talibanism must go if we cannot eliminate Taliban. Mr. President should keep in mind that Afghan people voted for him in order to provide them security and protection, not keeping feelings for their enemies who daily take toll from them.  

Jawad Rahmani is the permanent writer of the Daily outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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