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A New Strategy for Empowerment of Security Forces


A New Strategy for Empowerment of Security Forces

To strengthen security forces and prepare them to hold responsibility after US and NATO military drawdown, which is about to start, Afghan government initiated a new strategy—employing clergies and Mullahs to teach and educate Afghan security forces Sharia laws and religious Issues. Meeting concerns, the officials have argued that context as well as employed Mullahs would be scrutinized in order to avoid unfortunate consequences. Those who have studied in Madressahs or followed Islamic studies at any university are eligible to be employed for the cause.

Indubitably, Afghan religious students only earned very initial studies in Afghanistan, since Madresaahs in Afghanistan are not well-equipped and well-financed and not found interesting by Afghan youngsters. Therefore, during past three decades, Afghan religious students mostly followed Islamic studies in neighboring countries, particularly, Pakistan and Iran. Presently there are thousands of Madressahs across Pakistan, which are blamed for spreading fundamentalism and extremism. Absolute majority of Madressahs are not financed by the Pakistani government, but over the decades they have enormous influence in the country and even the sensitive institutions. Sometimes one can feel that they are stronger than democratically elected civil government. Many previous Pakistani governments turned deaf ears regarding mishaps within them.

There are both small as well as large Madressahs where thousands of Afghan and Pakistani students are taught Sharia laws. Generally, students in small Madressah do not enjoy facilities which are provided by famous and larger ones. The students, during lunch and dinner, periodically hold a dish and go around, knocking the door and ask people to share their meal with them. But it is not the case with all. There are thousands of Madressahs which are allegedly supported by gulf countries and have luxurious buildings along with facilities. Students are provided food, shelters as well as extra money for other expenses.
Kabul officials and its foreign allies claim rightly that those Madressahs are the headquarters of Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Many Taliban leaders, including Mullah Mohammad Omer, were trained there. In such places, no one can track acceptance of modern values. Democracy, women rights etc. are preserved there as anti-Islamic and American (infidel) culture and trick to eliminate Islamic values. Anything which has any link with west turns suspicious.

Let me explain how everything is suspicious. One of my teachers in Kabul University, who studied in neighboring country and then in holy al-Ahar university of Egypt, has written a book which explains about supremacy of Islam and evil schemes of western countries to eliminate. One day, during his lecture, by chance the topic was linked to the great French Revolution. The world "great' translated into Arabic word of "Kabir". He was in view that usage of 'Kabir' word for a western revolution was a kind of western plot! Now you can guess the rest. If a person after mastering in religious studies and then acquired the position of a university Prof, stuck in such a superstition and suspicion, what would be the condition of students in Madressah who are regularly injected with anti-Western mentality.

The government decided to give motivation to security forces in order to fight insurgency by employing students who were trained in such places. Would they be helpful and would they really convince armies and police officers not to hesitate while shooting insurgents right on the head and heart? I do not think so at all. It definitely would not occur and would not give the intended result. Many observers are of the view that during past decades, Afghans have become expert in ground operations of all types. They know well how to fight and how to shoot targets. But what necessary is giving the will to fight.

The ideology of Taliban and Al-Qaeda is quite clear. That is no hard for followers to learn by heart, because that is simplified in a word: those who help foreigners are traitors and should be killed. While it differs in the case of Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), some of them just go to Mosque and ask clergies can they kill their Muslim brothers—Taliban? However such a feeling and notion is restricted and not prevalent, but if Afghan officials feel that such thing can dishearten armed forces, employing Mullahs cannot solve the problem, rather would double the problem. Be sure. Those trained in Pakistani Madressahs, definitely would not dare to ignore all lessons learnt during their childhood and adulthood. They wouldn't make a U-turn shift and call security forces to help US or NATO forces against insurgency.

If Afghan officials really want to empower ANSF psychologically, they should find someone who showcases the reality that insurgencies' activities are against Sharia and Islamic laws. Sort of armed opposition against the government and innocent civilians in the country is not Jihad but an inhuman struggle that bring about further miseries to Afghan people.

Jawad Rahmani is the permanent writer of Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached through mail@outlookafgh-anistan.com

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