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Opening Hands and Hearts!


Opening Hands  and Hearts!

We had enthusiastically prepared for the seminar because we were the first to introduce smart board in any school in the city. This smart board was purchased after passing through all the financial obstacles. Aim of it was to introduce our students to this interactive board so that they should not be surprised if they saw it somewhere in future.

Interactive classroom boards or commonly called 'smart boards' are in common use in almost all the classes of the institutes in advanced countries but there was no smart board in any school in our city. Then the school administration decided to purchase one and be the first school in the city to introduce the smart board to its students.

When the board was fixed, an orientation seminar was arranged for the parents. Parents came in good number and a teacher briefed them about the importance and different features of the board. Whenever a person does any good work, he expects an appreciation in return and school administration and teachers were expecting the same. After the briefing was over, a parent stood and said that one smart board was not enough for all the classes of the school and school administration ought to have bought such boards for all the classrooms.

It was really disappointing for the school administration, so a teacher stood up and said, "In the limited fee from students, purchasing such an expensive board was impossible, anyhow, school administration arranged the money for it so that our students should not feel themselves less than others. You are all having good income and if you also have such a good thinking for the betterment of students, why don't you all come together and buy one board for the students. So every parent should contribute 5000 rupees and I am going to contribute 5000 from my own pocket and we will together buy one smart board". To this, there was a deep silence. The person who was talking with a great space earlier, had bent down his head and had nothing to say.

Actually, talking and exaggerating is very easy, while doing a work practically is very difficult. Especially, everyone feels much difficulty when he is asked to contribute some money for a good purpose. That's why it is said that opening a closed fist is very difficult and it is just like opening one's heart. On a number of occasions, people are witnessed to be boasting and making great plans about a good purpose, but when the same people are asked to come forward and do contribution in form of money, they are usually found to be running away from a side door. I think, when a person wants to spend money or do any kind of practical contribution in any good purpose, his will power is grabbed by some invisible power that doesn't let him to do any good work.

I am sure it is the reason that people who were generous have greatly been appreciated in the pages of history as they had overcome that power that does not let the people do good works or come up with concrete contributions. HatimTaai, an Arab who lived more than 1500 years ago, was famous for his generosity and good behavior with travellers, poor and the strangers. His name is still taken with great admiration and respect. Similarly, in our Islamic history, people who were good with travellers and were generous, have been reported to be blessed with a number of blessings by Allah, to them and their generations that followed them.

One night, when it was cold and windy, four friends were coming home from somewhere that they heard the crying and sigh of a woman. They found out that this old and sick lady had been kicked out of the house by her son and now she was lying beside the road and had no place to go. Of these four friends, three of them started talking as what to do. They considered many good ideas and favors to be done with the lady but the force that stops people from doing good did not let them make a final decision and take a practical step.

As routine, they cursed the cruel son who had mercilessly dropped his mother here, with no warm clothing or food. They also criticized the government which had no arrangements for such homeless or old citizens. In the meantime, the old lady kept crying as the pain in her heart was more painful than the one present in the cold air or darkness of the night. When they were busy in these speeches, their fourth friend came running. Tiny drops of sweat could have been noticed on his forehead as he had come all the way running from home.

He had brought a blanket and some food for the lady. The old lady soon became silent when the blanket was wrapped around her and she started eating the food. She gave a lot many prayers to the fourth friend and while doing so, tears rolled down her cheeks. Other three friends, who had done nothing except to talk marvelously in her support, started thinking as how their friend was wise and practical.

There is a famous saying that, 'Decline of nations come when people talk a lot about the problems but do nothing to solve them.' Many years back, every week there used to be a mee

ing of a community in which all the respected members of the community were invited. They belonged to all the fields of life like politicians, doctors, engineers, businessmen and so on. I was also invited to join one of their meetings. I was really impressed as there is not present much concept of positive community support and unity in our society. I was told that different problems of the community would be brought under consideration and in the presence of such fertile and mature brains, many new plans and projects for the development of the community will be undertaken.

Slowly and gradually guests started coming and discussion started that got heated up with the passage of time. Everyone wanted to talk more and give more ideas and suggestions. Then I discovered that many minds could come up with a lot many ideas and suggestions.

For almost an hour these ideas, suggestions and solutions circulated in the air but till the end, it did not become clear as who would do what and nobody took any responsibility or task. Then the food was served. People who were enthusiastically talking to solve different problems, attacked the food with even more enthusiasm. All my hopes of any betterment sank down. Later on, I attended some more gatherings of this community support and development and discovered that it was something like, "Sitting, eating, talking and adjourning."

Change is a change and it is never big or small. If you want to bring about a change in your personality, in your house or in broader sense in your country or world, only talking would do nothing. We will have to take a forward step and open our fists. And in case if we are not able to do so, better we should remain silent and stop talking. Anyhow, it is not much injurious to our character and dreams of our society.

Mohammad Rasool is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan and teaches English at Afghan-Turk School, Kabul. Email your suggestions and opinions at muhammadrasoolshah@gmail.com

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