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Importance of Less Important!


Importance of Less Important!

One of the pioneers of social sciences, who gave interesting theories about the social interactions and processes, gave a very interesting theory about the needs of human beings called, 'Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs'. The hierarchy has been given a shape like that of a pyramid. Six different needs have been mentioned and they are arranged one over the other, starting from the base.

When a person achieves the first need, then he moves to the next level and in the same way keeps moving up until he reaches or achieves the final level need. In the first level of this pyramid lie those needs which are necessary for keeping the mere existence of a person and these are life security, food and shelter. Similarly, needs of varying importance follows after this. But trace or signs of a need can be noticed in all the levels and that is the acknowledgement of once importance. This is the fact that everyone wants to be praised, appreciated and regarded as important.

This is such a kind of psychological factor that can be noticed in all the stages of one's life. When a child is bought a new bicycle, he can't sleep the whole night thinking about the thrills and excitement of the following day when he will ride his bicycle to school and show it to his friends and school-fellows.

The important factor behind this feeling is the desire to appear more important in the company of his friends.
Same is the case in schools where students compete with each other to get better averages or positions. If a student gets any distinction among his fellow-students, he is given more importance by the school administration, teacher and parents and this also increases his value in the eyes of his friends.

This desire to be important among your fellow beings is a kind of factor that always keeps working and never stops in the life of a person. This desire to get attention of people and to be regarded as important among them is found in every human being and seems to be like one of the natural necessities of a man like that of food and oxygen.

One really feels surprised to see how people try hard to be elected as a minister or reach to any higher status or post. No doubt, there would certainly be many financial benefits of being a minister but in an established political system where corruption and unfair means are not allowed, post of minister no more remains financially motivating.

It has been observed that even a small businessman has more earnings than that of a minister. Even then, we see that people try all their best to become a minister and in some cases, it has been noticed that income or salary of being a minister was not enough to compensate for the expenses of the election campaign.

It is also seen that for one post, 6 to 7 candidates spend their money and time, although they are absolutely certain that only one of them will be selected and the rest will have to suffer the losses. Even in some countries, where dirty tricks have polluted the air of politics and character of politicians, unethical or unacceptable means are also utilized.

Among the other reasons responsible for this thing, a major reason comes out to be the desire of being important associated with the post of ministers. Blood of a person increases when he is addressed with salutations like, 'His Excellency' or 'His highness' which is only possible if you are a minister.

Similarly, when a minister or president goes out, he gets into a very luxurious car and his vehicle is escorted by a group of other cars and motorbikes, with their sirens honking and lights flashing. The traffic is blocked and people stand at a side to see this marvelous convoy pass by. Here, the ego of minister goes up like a rocket and for this mere occasion, he forgets all the sufferings that he had to come to the post.

In every society, that of a modern or under-developed country, there are two types of jobs or professions. One is that of professionals like that of a doctor or engineer who has got a degree in his hand. He is given due importance and whenever and wherever he mentions his job, he is received warmly. The person himself feels that he is given importance and thus he develops a kind of good impression about himself or his job. If we take an example of one of these, say a doctor, who does the important job of saving the life of human beings but he also works just like other people and his job is also not so difficult.

With these professions, there are present some people who are skilled but who might not be having a degree from any institute like that of carpenter or a painter and other people who do similar jobs. Their jobs are also important as without them, proper functioning of the economy or society is not possible. The table which a doctor uses to check his patients is the result of the hardwork of the carpenter. Similarly, a painter paints the hospital where patients are being treated.

These skilled people may not be much educated but their work is also equally important. Let's say, if a doctor is asked to make a small chair for himself out of the wood, he would never be able to do so, or an engineer who builds bridges and designs roads, would feel himself absolutely helpless if asked to do the work of a painter.

Whenever a painter, a carpenter or other such skilled person is mentioned in our society, his name is taken with a slight air of indifference, as if he or his job is not much important.

It is thus needed that, if they are of equal importance for us and if they are to be made a part of us, they need to be given due importance, their jobs are to be mentioned with good salutations and they are to be received nicely and with due respect. Then, they would be able to sustain their self respect and consider themselves to be the part of this society.

From childhood to the older ages, we do many things, either rational or stupid, to catch the attention of others. Children, when wear a new dress or watch or get a new thing like a bag and others, try to show them to their friends and class fellows to catch their attention and be regarded as important among them. Our teens try to copy the style of celebrities in their clothing and hair style to appeardistinct among the other teenagers.
This doesn't stop here. At times a religious speaker or a public speaker is noticed who starts shouting and gets emotional when he sees that crowd listening to him is getting big or people appear to be much inspired from his words.

These circumstances appear when we deprive people of getting importance and self-respect from a legitimate or regular way. Considering every human being as equal and on the same grounds, deserving the due attention from us, we need to give importance to all without keeping in view their education, degree, job, or wealth. And it is the thing that everyone deserves being a human being!

Mohammad Rasool is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan and teaches English at Afghan-Turk School, Kabul. Email your suggestions and opinions at muhammadrasoolshah@gmail.com

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