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Naturopathy: The Ideal Remedy to Health


Naturopathy: The Ideal Remedy to Health

These days, people from all over the world including India, who like naturopathy, are highly increasing. However the media has played a magnificent role in making it famous. Especially in Western countries, there is a big list of people who are well-known personalities in their own fields, who along with allopathic treatment take great interest in Ayurveda and many other alternative therapies from the East.

Naturopathy is considered one of the latest therapies of treatment, but you will be surprised to know that this is one of the most ancient therapies. The principles of naturopathy are almost similar to India's Ayurveda. In Ayurveda diagnosis is conducted on the basis of Vaat, Pitt, and Kafa whereas naturopathy has different criteria. In this treatment Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth are used in various ways. Other than Ayurveda the principles of Chinese, Tibetan and Unani (Greek), the most ancient therapies are also quiet similar.

The journey of Naturopathy from Western and European countries to India is very interesting. Actually many naturopaths from European countries including Germany tried their best to bring about an improvement in it and then it reached India through those people who took this treatment. Here it's necessary to mention about Mahatma Gandhi, who read the book "Return to Nature" by Adolf Just and was quiet impressed. He did a lot of experiments in this therapy and these experiences made him an expert naturopath. Very few people know that he had one more priority in his life other than fighting for the freedom of the country. He wrote many books on Naturopathy and also established a Naturopathy center at Uruli Kanchan near Pune.

Every Year World Health Organization and other study centers issue a report regarding the status of health in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Needless to say that it is pointless to discuss about those figures because every report indicated the worse to worst situation. If we see the Health conditions in villages, they are quite complicated.

More than 6 lac villages in India are still awaiting basic health remedies, even after 6 decades of Indian Independence. Today in our countries where these medical treatments have become so expensive in the cities, it is beyond a common man's capacity in the villages. It would not be wrong to say that the mega-cities have become the mines of Asthma, Cancer, Kidney and Heart problems and villages too are not safe either.

"He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skill of the physician."
Chinese Proverb

In the past decade in mega-cities like Delhi and Kabul, the number of patients suffering from heart disease and diabetes has increased drastically. Now we find youth suffering from backache and diabetes, which was common only at the age of 60 and above four decades ago. These diseases are highly increasing in those professions where very less physical energy is used and who have to sit for more than eight hours. Statistics of World Health Organization reveal that Health is the major issue of this country.

Hectic lifestyle, increasing number of diseases and increased cost of medicines prove that in these prevailing conditions only allopathy is not sufficient. However we cannot ignore the importance of allopathy because it is far ahead of others in terms of research and discoveries. In fact the need of the hour is along with allopathy one such therapy or treatment which can restore health with minimum cost and which can be used consistently in both cities and villages.

I would mention about China and Japan who even after adapting most modern medical techniques, have stuck to their traditional therapies. They have brought about a balance in the modern and ancient medical science and illustrated the factual information in front of the world.

Now, there is an urgent need for invention and research in Naturopathy. Changing lifestyles, increasing cost of medicines and the stronghold of diseases prove that it is necessary to have such a health remedy, which can provide all the solutions to the most difficult question of health and naturopathy proves to be the only remedy which definitely can bring about a drastic change in this direction.

Rajeev Sharma and Bertina Buthello are Indian Naturopath and a freelance columnists. They be reached at rajeev.paarth@gmail.com

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