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Accepting as it is!


Accepting as it is!

There are some events or happenings in the world which can't be easily understood. A person or king who was cruel in the whole of his life and inflicted a lot many troubles and difficulties to the people and later on when the same dynasty or power was transferred to his son, he came up with the same powers and it appears as there had been no accountability with the person who did wrong and his son was again rewarded.

On the other hand, we see a person who was suffering all through his life and these sufferings did not end with him and got transferred to his following generation as well. Such events or examples in which we witnessinequalities bring about some questions in our minds that why this is so or why there is such an inequality in the world.

Such thoughts or questions have mostly been generated or spread by Western literature, as well. There are a lot many stories, novels, philosophies and logical contemplationin the Western literature that give birth to such questions that can't be understood by our limited senses or can't be given any kind of logical explanation.

These questions have in return made a lot many people put forward some complaints. These complaints have really put the building or foundation of our beliefs into jeopardy. As a result some have lost the whole or part of their belief system or some have absolutely left their religions.

Now the person who has lost his belief comes into a position of uncertainty, just like in a hanging position. Soul of the person who has become the victim of disbelief goes through a constant condition of anguish and pain. This condition persists until and unless the person settles with a decision, either believing or non-believing. There can't be anything in between the two.

In this regard, the first thing to understand is to accept that the comprehension of our senses, our natural or acquired skills and both our physical and mental abilities are very limited and with these abilities and potentials we are not able to understand the events or order that is running or managing the universe.

There is a supreme power in which we believe that it runs and manages the issues of universe in a perfect and unique way. As this universe is very vast and different events and happenings are far beyond the reach of our senses and abilities, and if we claim to understand these events with our limited senses and abilities and take our thoughts to be absolutely final in this regard, then we can term our approach to be very unjust and unfair. In order to understand this, we can take the example of an ant. This ant was walking beside the sea.

It looked at the sea and asked the question that how much vast the sea would be. But as its senses and abilities were limited, so it was impossible to this ant to understand the vastness of the sea. Same is the condition with the man. With our limited memory, power of senses and thinking approaches, we would never be able to understand the vast system that is being functional in the universe.

Then what is the way or solution to this problem. The solution to this is to accept that whatever is happening in the world and universe is absolutely perfect and there is present a logic and understanding behind them that we are not able to comprehend with our limited abilities. Then we would be able to get rid of the hanging position and settle down with belief which in return would bring peace and comfort to our hearts and souls.

In fact, man has been found to be really ungrateful. Good and bad days come to everyone. When good days come and he is showered with the bounties and blessings, he gives all the credit to his skills, efforts and abilities. This in turn develops a kind of situation when he becomes absolutely bound in a nutshell in which he only sees himself and forgets the people around him.

He becomes absolutely indifferent to the people and their miseries around him and thus harms the society in a way. No doubt, efforts are also important in any achievement but if we think that efforts are only making the things happen then how can we explain the situation when we see that lot many people are making even more efforts but they are not much lucky like us. Once again, best way is to accept the things as they are. Same is the case when we confront a difficulty. A difficulty or a problem may be small or a small part of our lives but we spread it over all the issues of life.

This comes as a dark cloud and covers all the good things of life. When a person passes through such a condition, life becomes very tiresome and gloomy and all the joys of it dissipate and a single problem intimidates and controls all the good things of life.

A farmer had a very beautiful and strong horse and people from different places used to come and see his horse. People of his village were very proud of the farmer and his horse and considered him to be very lucky. When the fame of this horse reached to the king, he sent his men to buy this horse from the farmer. But farmer did not give any importance to money so he did not agree to sell his horse even when he was offered a lot of money or land. People of village came to him and criticized him and termed his decision to be absolutely unwise and stupid.

They declared him to be unlucky as he had missed a golden chance. The farmer could not understand how a horse could make him lucky or unlucky. After some days, he saw that his horse had run away somewhere. Again villagers came to him, consoled him for his loss and described this to be very unlucky for him. Farmer thought absolutely opposite to them.

He was of the view that he had a horse and now he didn't have this and this was not going to make much difference and it had absolutely got nothing to do with his good or bad luck. Few months passed and one morning, farmer saw that his horse had returned from the forest and had also brought 9 more horses with him.

These horses were also very beautiful and strong. Again people congratulated him and were very jubilant and were surprised on his good fortune. Once again, farmer was neither happy nor sad and took it as something normal. Farmer had only one son who was very dear to him. When his son was riding a horse one day, he fell down and broke his leg. Villagers declared this to be very unlucky. Farmer was, no doubt, sad for this but he took it only a part of his life, when man faces both good and bad days. A few days had passed that king declared war with a neighboring country.

King ordered his soldiers to enroll all the young men of his country in the army so that they should go and fight the enemy. Soldiers came to this village as well and took away all the young men of the village. As farmer's son was of no use to them so they left him behind. All the villagers, whose sons had been taken for the war came to farmer and told him that he and his son were very lucky. Now the farmer had had enough with them. He at once decided to leave the village as here villagers took a small thing to be deciding the luck of a person as good or bad.

This happens with everyone. A problem may be very painful but if we accept it as something as part of our lives and not spread it on all the issues of our lives, then we would be able to witness the good points present in our lives.

There is a very good guideline given to us by our religion that, "True believer is one who does not feel much joy or proud when he gets some material or thing of the world and doesn't become much sad or disappointed when he loses something". Days of life are short and joys are limited and miseries and problems are abundant. Then it would be very unfair and unlucky if we stop realizing and enjoying the good things in it and keep crying, keeping in our minds one bad experience.

Mohammad Rasool is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan and teaches English at Afghan-Turk School, Kabul. Email your suggestions and opinions at muhammadrasoolshah@gmail.com

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