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Anniversary of the Establishment of Armed Forces


Anniversary of the Establishment of Armed Forces

The people of independent Kazakhstan are to celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of the Armed Forces on May 17, 2012. After the collapse of Soviet Union country's leadership faced with the necessity to establish National Armed Forces. The role and the place of the state in the international; community as well as the nature of further development of Kazakhstan depended on the proper and balanced realization of this solution.

The country's leadership concentrated its efforts on creating the security belt around the perimeter boundaries, the regional system of collective security as well as reducing the nuclear threat. Kazakhstan joined Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, voluntarily waived his right to a nuclear arsenal.

Within the framework of creating the system of collective security in the region, Kazakhstan has become a member of the Collective Security Treaty - CIS members.

Meanwhile, in the beginning of the 21stcentury the situation in the world has seen as fairly ambiguous. Tensions in different parts of the world has radically changed the geopolitical situation in the region and the world.

The world civilization is faced with the escalation of international, transnational terrorism. There are new factors that destabilize the region and pose a threat to national security. In these circumstances, of course, it was necessary to adopt a series of measures which were aimed at forming qualitatively new Armed Forces that are able to adequately confront not only traditional but also asymmetric threats. Undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects of qualitative improvement of the army is its transition to a professional basis.

The package of measures aimed at building professional armed forces that meet the highest international standards has been adopting under the leadership of the Head of state, the Supreme Commander-in-chief Nursultan Nazar Bayev.

At the moment, out of whole number of staff of the Armed forces contract soldiers are 65%. This allowed provide the necessary degree of combat readiness, further improvement of the recruitment system and prepare a military-trained reserve.

Kazakhstan is creating a new generation of military officers and professional-contractors who have high intellectual potential, knowledge of foreign languages and can work with modern technology.

There has been formed in the Armed Forces the institute of sergeants- professionals - the backbone of the Kazakh army àðìèè.

Thus, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan are the guarantor of social stability, the guarantor of the independence, defense of the constitutional order, of the sovereignty and the state authority in the world arena.

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