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United Kingdom: the Threat is Real


United Kingdom: the Threat is Real

This is not a flawed perception of terror threat, frightening self developed story of Harry Potter or daydream; the possibility of future terror attacks in the United Kingdom is real. Sometimes possibilities became realities when the conflict of interests among states reaches at the point of no return. The recent clash of economic and political interests among various states in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Central Asia and Persian Gulf can be considered a factor of destabilization in near future.

The underground networks of terror related groups, passport mafia, organized criminal gangs, war criminals and trained terrorists are being intensified. These apprehensions are not just hypothesis and this is not the time of false sense of satisfaction, I want to explain my apprehensions in clear terms. My perception of the threat of international terrorism or home-grown extremism is very strong and based on reality. In my understanding, organized criminal gangs in the country are overtly or covertly facilitating international terror groups by providing them with legal documents in Britain and, therefore, every year, Britain faces up to 9,000 cases of passport fraud.

This is a reported figure; unreported figures might be over twenty thousands. Some recent revelations in East London are most frightening. According to my telepathic approach and brain waves messages, from work permits to passports and indefinite visas, everything is available in legal or illegal means. Some recent investigative reports pinpointed important fraud related things. There are thousands stories and thousands more passport fraud cases are expected to be revealed by print or electronic media in near future.

According to the recent statement of Immigration Minister, Damian Green, the identity and passport service recently identified thousands of confirmed fraud cases. These illegally printed or issued passports in the hands of dangerous people can be considered a bigger future threat in the country.

They may misuse these documents. Last year, the Minister revealed that IPS had identified a total of 7,870 passport fraud cases. But the number is expected to be higher before the Olympic game. The threat is being developed and possibilities are created. New and well-trained horses are being introduced into the race. Recent revelations of RUSI Chief are eye-opening. Among 200 foreign fighters in Somalia, Mr. Clark claimed, 25% are British nationals.

Everyday, British nationals fighting in various states are returning with new zeal and new sectarian creeds. The story not ends here, case of fraud solicitors, counterfeit goods, fake works permits, fake indefinite visas and other documents are easily available. Banks are being looted by selling business and personal accounts.

Colleges, registered with UK Border Agency sale graduate and master degrees into the hands of terror suspects or fake students from Asia and Africa. All governmental institutions including; British Chamber of Commerce, Building Societies, Department of Work and Pension, CPS, CML, Financial Fraud Action, HM Revenue & Customs, Police, Financial Intelligence, National Fraud authority, Ministry of Justice, NHS, NCVO, RICS, SFO, SOCA, NIM, BI, MI5, UK Border Agency, Councils and Home Office are struggling to curtail the illegal activities of underground mafia groups, but less succeeded so for.

Notwithstanding the efforts of all these institutions, the threat from some states continues to have damaging effects on the UK financial and security sectors. Individuals, charities and other agencies in private sectors to pay high price according to the 2011 National Fraud authority Annual Fraud Indicator report estimating losses of £38.4 billions.

The price in government sectors is higher than the private sectors. The nature of some frauds is considered to be a projectile. The problem is serious and increasing. All these crimes have become a challenging problem for the country's financial intelligence infrastructure. Home Office is happy that National Fraud Authority is working with the counter Fraud Authority to counter the illegal activities of underground fraud groups, while communities and financial sectors register thousands complaints with local police every month. Police and security agencies are introducing different counter terrorism strategies time and again, but never focused on the basic roots of the issue.

There are many networks in the UK, but emerge time to time. This is not exaggeration, the strength and expertise of the home-grown extremist and terrorist groups can be judged from their fighting tactics in civil wars. Home office considers terrorism, organized crime, extremism and public disorder as a threat to Olympic security while the persistent terror threat has now become the subject of regular comment by the government. Interestingly, such comment broadly revolves around the ongoing investigations.

Broadly speaking, the wider aim of the government strategy under the PREVENT Strategy pillars is to undermine those who facilitate terror groups to enter on illegal documents. The Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command (SO15) continues to grow since its creation.

Though Metropolitan Police faces difficulties fighting on various directions, the establishment of regional counter terrorism unites in Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester increased the capacity of the police department to organize its fight against home grown and international terrorist groups. The threat of takfiri jihadists has not undermined while despite some arrests and government efforts to effectively maintain Olympic security, a new threat of Lone Wolves emerged.

To provide a better security during the Olympic game, Government has introduced several comprehensive strategies. In Olympic, some 14,700 athletes from 205 states will compete, 26 Olympic sports will take place in 34 venues, 20 Paralympics sports will take place in 21 venues, more than eight million tickets will be sold and 20,000 members of the world media are expected to attend. All the above-mentioned venues need security. Citizen of the United Kingdom are confident that police and security agencies of the country will ensure the security of the participants.

The writer is the author of Policing in Multicultural Britain and Civil War and the Partition of Afghanistan. He can be reached at: zai.musakhan222@gmail.com.

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