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China Plays a Prominent Role in Promoting the Peace Process in Afghanistan


China Plays a Prominent Role  in Promoting the Peace Process in Afghanistan

On September 7, 2019, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi and Afghan Foreign Minister Rabbani held the third China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Triple Foreign Minister Dialogue in Islamabad.The three parties recalled the positive progress made since the second tripartite foreign ministers’ dialogue in Kabul on 18 December 2018. The foreign ministers of the three countries reaffirmed their determination to further deepen cooperation among the three sides in various fields and agreed to continue to work together to strengthen political mutual trust and support key areas of tripartite cooperation, such as reconciliation, regional peace and stability, development cooperation and connectivity, security cooperation and counter-terrorism.
The status of the China-Pakistan-Afghanistan trilateral dialogue in the settlement of the peace process in Afghanistan has gradually improved. As an important platform, its importance will further increase with the improvement of peace and security in Afghanistan, especially in promoting regional economic development and responding to counter-terrorism. Not only that, the trilateral dialogue comes at a critical moment in U.S.-led negotiations for peace in Afghanistan, at a time when Trump cancelled a planned meeting with Taliban leaders and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday. As the United States withdraws its troops, the negative impact of a power vacuum in Afghanistan will spread to neighboring countries, creating more bloodshed and damaging public goods in more areas. It also hinders the smooth implementation of the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative in Pakistan and Central Asia. To this end, China has changed the way the former Soviet Union and the United States were directly involved in the past to make up for the power vacuum in Afghanistan and is participating in peace negotiations and strengthening security cooperation. With the development of the situation in Afghanistan, China’s role as the most suitable country for the future stability of Afghanistan is becoming more and more prominent.
First, China has played a central role in the resumption of negotiations between the United States and the Taliban in Afghanistan. China has always been willing to work with the international community to make unremitting efforts to promote lasting security and universal prosperity in Afghanistan and the region. It is in the common interest of China and the United States to help the United States actively advance negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan. In June, Abdul Ghani Badara, director of the Taliban political Office in Qatar, visited Beijing. Just a few days after returning to Qatar after the visit, US Special Representative for Reconciliation in Afghanistan Zalmai Khalilzad announced that. Positive progress has been made in negotiations with the Afghan Taliban.
Second, China has contributed to the continuous improvement of relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The settlement of the Afghan issue is inextricably linked to Pakistan, especially the fight against extremist forces on the border between the two countries, which can only be achieved through the joint cooperation between the two countries. Relations between the two countries have been strained because of territorial disputes left over by history. As a bilateral strategic partner between Pakistan and Afghanistan, it has played a constructive role in improving Abba relations within its capabilities. China supports Pakistan and Afghanistan in establishing crisis prevention and control mechanisms, properly handling various emergencies, building platforms, and enhancing dialogue and cooperation in various fields. Not only has Pakistan been willing to participate in the reconciliation process in Afghanistan, but the two countries have also cooperated in areas of common interest and achieved positive results.
Third, the peaceful reconstruction of Afghanistan needs China. Afghanistan is currently at a critical stage and faces challenges as the dawn of peace reappears. As a neighbor of Afghanistan, based on the five principles of peaceful coexistence, China has provided the necessary political support and economic assistance to the peaceful reconstruction of Afghanistan in order to promote peace, stability and development in Afghanistan. In recent years, with the United States beginning to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, China has significantly stepped up its participation in the peaceful reconstruction of Afghanistan. At present, China has become the largest source of foreign investment in Afghanistan, and intends to extend the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to Afghanistan. As one of the important node countries of “Belt and Road Initiative”, Afghanistan occupies an important position in China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative. China’s second China-Pakistan-Afghanistan trilateral foreign ministers meeting reached consensus on the extension of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to Afghanistan. The trilateral meeting of foreign ministers demonstrated that Afghanistan could benefit from the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor and was committed to promoting trade and connectivity projects between Afghanistan and Pakistan, such as the construction of the Kabul-Peshawar highway. The road to the reconstruction of Afghanistan cannot be separated from the strong support of China.
In fact, China’s achievements and experience in poverty alleviation, counter-terrorism and development are affecting Afghanistan. The editor-in-chief of the Afghan newspaper, Dade Mohamed Annabi, praised China’s great achievements in poverty alleviation, and hoped that Afghanistan would learn from China’s experience in poverty alleviation, saying that Chinese experience would help Afghanistan eradicate poverty.
The world today is undergoing great changes that have not occurred in a hundred years. In the face of the changing international situation, all countries in the world cannot be left alone. It has not only contributed China’s wisdom to building a community with a shared future for mankind, to better development of the world, but also provided a Chinese plan for global security governance. China is willing to share its experience in security governance with other countries in the world, and is also willing to work with all parties to deal with various problems and challenges. We should crack down on terrorism more severely and resolutely safeguard the security bottom line of human society. On the issue of security and development, we share the interests and joys and sorrows of Afghanistan. China is willing to work with the international community to make unremitting efforts to promote lasting security and universal prosperity in Afghanistan and the region. China firmly supports the peaceful reconstruction of Afghanistan. Firmly supporting the “Afghan-owned, Afghan-led” inclusive political reconciliation process, and willing to work with Pakistan and the United States and other willing countries, on the basis of respect for the sovereignty and aspirations of Afghanistan, We will continue to play a constructive role in the reconciliation process in Afghanistan.

Huang Dekai & Peng Chaohui, Scholar,Sichuan Police College, China; Qin Ruijing,Scholar,Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences

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