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The Death of Britain’s Multicultural Society


The Death of Britain’s Multicultural Society

Ethnic minorities, colors and diversity have made British society more colorful. These colors and beauties once played important role in economic and cultural development, but the present shape of Britain's social and cultural diversity, prevailing criminal culture and institutional racism have threatened national security and social cohesion. The invasion of professional criminal networks, violent extremists, unskilled labor, war criminals and drug mafia on British society from all sides has created threatening environment, fear and insecurity.

Investment opportunities are going to shrink. Population terrorism and the pack of hundred thousands maroon and illiterate refugees on the thin and sensitive geographical body of the state increased economic, social, cultural and political problems.

The recent riots in which people from all ethnicity, religions and cultures played their destructive role proved that Britain has traditionally been characterized as a failing multicultural society. There are communities, under-classes and groups of people locked into a cycle of deprivation, poverty and unemployment. Their political, social and economic isolation dragged their children into the culture of gangs, organized crime, violence and teenage pregnancy. Children, grown in isolation beside single mothers without fathers are becoming victims of criminal gangs and drug mafia.

Two months ago, the looting and burning game in the streets of Britain's big cities astonished the police department that it's all efforts of maintaining law and order were washed away. Strategies of police and other law enforcement agencies failed and their way of tackling the crisis was severely criticized. The police lost its credibility and trust of communities on one hand and faced government criticism on the other. Intellectual circles started commenting the failure of multiculturalism and diversity.

Social commentators termed rubbish the importance of multiculturalism after the statement of the Prime Minister. Politicians pinpointed the erosion of traditional values and the negative consequences of multiculturalism. Some nationalists accuse Muslim extremist groups as misled section of society and trouble makers. Moreover, the government introduced citizenship test to ensure that the addition of new colors into the body of British society would increase into the beauty, but the case is different here.

Social integration process has failed, plurality, diversity and positivity disappeared. Immigrants brought no positive change to British society as they are less educated, oppressed and belong to a deprived classes of their countries of origin.

The London riots and hate incident across the country does appear to have crystallized a wider sense of fear in British society. The perceived decline of multiculturalism and Britishness, the emergence of armed gangs militias and anger at the process of social transformation of the state, increased in the frustration of state authorities.

There are more serious law and order issues that could lead to civil war in near future. Drug abuse, trafficking, addiction, violent crime, family breakdown, culture of violence, the loss of traditional values, drinking, the culture of boy and girl friend and failed social education system are considered to the main causes of the death of multiculturalism in the country. In Britain, ethnic communities complain that multiculturalism is being imposed on them at the expense of ethnic majority culture. This and other things created a strong sense of insecurity in society.

Though Prime Minister warned that the culture of fear will not be allowed in the Britain's streets, but law enforcement agencies have so for not been able to professionally tackle the crisis. Police acts cautiously due to the fear of community reaction.

Police has failed in bringing harmony and trust to society due to their deep involvement in fighting the day to day increasing number of crime and frustration. "We will do whatever is necessary to restore law and order onto our streets," PM said in a televised statement." However, PM accepted that multiculturalism has left some white Britons feeling unfairly treated.

The Prime Minister must understand that criminal gangs and extremist organizations still control streets, educational institutions (colleges and universities), departments and financially vulnerable people. They still control the lives of young people. Years ago, Asian and African communities were allotted their own cultural and religious blocs, when they became strong in case of political and religious organization and controlled labor market; they were considered a threat on the pretext that they started living double life. These and some other attitudes kept them in distance to white Britons.

They never desired to integrate in British society, never shared their social and cultural values with white Britons. They are living in their own way of life, their children are studying in their own established schools and madrassas and their business activities are mostly confined to their own communities. Council and towns have played no specific role in bringing them close into a state designed social framework; they never thought about their alienation, deprivation and poverty.

There are thousand of highly educated men and women in both Asian and African communities (educated from the universities of their countries of origin), but councils, towns, police and other government institution never tried to use their expertise and experience.

They were experts, writers, analysts, journalists, police officers, economists and educationists in their own countries. They could have played important constructive role in British society if they would have been provided an opportunity by the government and private sector. Consequently, they are living in poverty and frustration.

According to some political circles, British government has turned a blind eye to extremism and radicalization in these communities. The London social unrest, looting and burning exposed a broken section of society. Multiculturalism and moral relativism have little to do with the present failed social transformation process.

The government of Prime Minister Cameron has recently reviewed some counter terrorism and national cohesion strategies amid concerns that police and other social organizations are working closely with communities that do not fully recognize liberal values. But this process of changing level of threat, policies and strategies proved less effective in bringing these communities back to their tracks.

The writer is author of Afghanistan beyond 2014 and Punjabi Taliban. He can be reached at: zai.musakhan222@gmail.com.

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