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Don’t Drive a Truck Without Brake


Don’t Drive a Truck  Without Brake

Is the notion true that we, human beings, generally accept something which goes to the favor of our personal stature? In other words, do we accept something which is favorable to us easily in comparison to what goes against us? I leave the answer to psychologist and sociologist, but what happens with current peace process initiative somehow goes into favor of the notion.

On Sept. 20, former President, leader of Jamiat-e-Islami, chairman of Peace Council High Commission, respected Burhanudin Rabbani was murdered in suicide bombing in his house. Within minutes the report covered domestic electronic Media as well as social networks, quoting that he was injured; later on, it appeared he was dead.

before release of detail of the incident, general assumption, including mine, was that he might had been killed out somewhere in the street, perhaps with shooting from far away or sudden approach of bomb-loaded vehicle to him. But none stood true. He was killed in his very own house!

The report of his assassination in his very house really made me feel aghast, and how he can be killed with bomb within his house, guarded by security forces and personal guards, painstakingly checking in and out. Or at least, they had to do so, because of fragile security situation that also after a meticulous and well-organized attack on US embassy a week ago in the very region of Kabul city, where is a strong bastion of Afghan government too.

Is the security situation uplifted to a record that our highly influential officials feel safe? Or are they complacent of forces guarding them? None can provide the justification. Civilians and officials do understand about volatility of the situation and strength of Taliban-led militants to carry out selective assassination.

The answer that why such an important person in the country that many deemed as complicated figure but with the stature to entice Taliban leaders to negotiate about the pros and cons of their condition of joining government and laying down their arms, etches my mind since the incident.

His assassin was a Talib named Esmatullah, staying in a guest house in Kabul. Reportedly, he was in contact with High Peace Council through Rahmatullah Wahidyar, a former Taliban deputy minister for refugees and martyrs during regimes rule but, later on, joined government and now is a member of High Peace Council. He was previously interviewed by Afghan Intelligence, according to New York Times, over his possible connection with militants, but found no connection.

The question now arises that was he aware of the attack on Burhanuddin Rabbani? Yet the answer is negative he himself was injured too along with Masoom Stanekzay, chairman of High Peace Council secretary, in the incident. In addition, the assassin, Mr. Esmatullah, has been in contact with High Peace Council members for more than five months. Oops! Perhaps, he was one of the many imposters that for months played with our Peace Council and pretending themselves as authorized representative of Taliban-led militants.

According to credential reports, he informed some Peace Council Members that he had important message from Quetta Shura, which was a gathering of Taliban leaders, to deliver to chairman of the Council immediately. The meeting was arranged in hurry between him and some top Peace Council Members, including Mr. Rabbani. During discussion, he blew up the bomb, hiding in his turban.

There is something to be noticed. First, he was in contact with Peace Council Members for five months and was able to acquire trust of members, but members including Wahidyar could not notice his suspicious activities? Secondly, he was an imposter, a person pretending to be an authorized delegation of Taliban in a level that can hold talks with peace council members.

So, the general wisdom is that leaders of Taliban militants do not carry suicide bombings. Only the lower ranks, but not all, few who passed tough religious courses and mostly are poor, illiterate carries out suicide bombings. From his crazy action, it can be claimed with certitude that he was not an authorized representative of Taliban, but a lamb and naïve Talib trained for the cause.

Here the question rises that are our peace Council Members that terrible and unsophisticated that are not able to distinguish between common and expert person? It is the not the first time that such mistake committed. Last year, a person claimed to be a member of Quetta Shura poked into Palace and received a lot of cash, but, later on, completely disappeared. In addition, there are reports that many frequently peace council members tricked similarly with unimportant Talibs.

Were such incidents enough for security forces as well as members of the council to act cautiously and scrutinize the activities of those who join the process or announce willingness to meet and talk about certain issues?

Secondly, why he was allowed to meet Burhanuddin Rabbani before going through any security check-up? He was staying in a guest house certainly on the expense of Peace Council money for months, but no one suspected him, because the government and members of the council holding talk from a weak position and humbly asking them to join peace process, but consistently receive negative signals.
I think what explains the assassination of Mr. Rabbani is our natural tendency to believe what actually is wrong. Taliban-militants consistently rebuffed any suggestion of peace talks.

Its high-ranking leaders never showed up on the table but send someone who are rarely able to read and write. The government provides home for person like Esmatullah and lift security restriction, but the answer is violence and assassination!

Therefore, it is required from all involved forces, desperately seeking to entice the so-called "upset brothers" take notice one thing: do not drive on mountainous highways of Afghanistan without checking the brake.

Jawad Rahmani is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at jawad_rahmani2001@yahoo.com

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