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Awake Conscience and Restless Hearts


Awake Conscience and Restless Hearts

There are several kinds of tendencies, including positive and negative, in human’s nature if one views from anthropological perspective.  “Sympathy” is also a sort of tendency which is underlined in Islamic mysticism. That is to say, sympathy and empathy are the mainstay of human nature. Love is a positive essence and a profound sense of feelings and burning desires which know boundary neither in creature nor in concept. However, extreme love will often result in harshness and abnormality, which is detrimental. The true sense of love belongs to the Creator and those who bears faith will be in deep love with Him. Love to mankind is believed to stem from love to the Creator. Love to both the Creator and creature is found in pure spirit. In mysticism, all existence will be the subject of true love.
The tendency of showing kindness to other individuals is put in human’s nature and one will engage in devotion and selflessness for the well-being of their fellows and accept to suffer for the satisfaction of others. These tendencies are also symbolized in literature, poems, music, etc. With the interpretations of such tendencies, the sense of responsibility will emerge. If you love one, you will make sacrifices wholeheartedly and shoulder each and every responsibility for attracting their satisfaction. Here, you will hold them in respect and treat them with humbleness.
The trust and confidence will be gained through love and the beloved will be your confidant. Sympathetic views will trigger a sense of care and empathy. So, you will feel this profound sentiment and sacrifice anything for the sake of your beloved. An overwhelming number of moral concepts about the human’s attitude will be evaluated on the basis of the very tendencies. For instance, one’s behavior will be tinged with honesty since true lovers will not play a wicked role rather their appearance and personality will parallel. Those who cherish love will close their eyes to negative attitudes. They will not seek revenge and find no reason behind nurturing hostility or hatred. In another item, they are optimistic and will never yield to despair. According to psychologists, optimistic individuals will see the half full of the glass rather than the half empty one. Moreover, they are fresh and energetic and will motivate others, especially while meeting them. This will trigger an inner tranquility and sense of satisfaction. Those who love others are seeking purification and will uphold moral values, too.  
Regarding anthropology, I discuss this topic with my students at university and try to illustrate the positive aspects and valuable inclination which were mentioned above. However, the tragic and bitter incidents which happen in our surroundings have filled them with negative feelings. Heartrending events occur almost every day that remind one of Hobbes’ statement that “man is man’s wolf”. The daily tragedies reflect the ugly face of mankind. So, one will assume that humans are villain inherently and wickedness rule their nature.
Despite the harsh practices and evil acts of those who are deeply involved in thinking sparking off violence and horror, there are thousands of other individuals who struggle to reflect the beautiful face of human beings. Indeed, there are a large number of people whose nature has not been polluted by corruption. They listen to the call of their conscience. Their pure conscience are devoted to the underprivileged. It is worth saying that if you disregard the inhuman practices of the people who pursue their political objectives or self-interests, there are many others who leave no stone unturned for the well-being of their human fellows. Cherishing altruistic issues, they struggle from dawn to dusk and it is the product of purification and the essence of love.
There are also thousands of charities that make efforts to support their fellows in critical conditions and reduce their sufferings. So, it is strongly believed that humanity has not eroded completely and there is much sound and awake conscience. In short, there are still individuals when one needs a shoulder to cry on and kind hearts that sympathize us in critical moments.
On the other hand, this is our moral and religious obligations, beside inner tendencies, to support our human fellows and play our role as much as possible. According to religious texts, the have-nots bear rights over the haves and this will be fulfilled when the rich help the poor. It is also said that those who hear one shouting for help, have to support them.
Considering this inner sense and religious obligations, a large number of people have engaged in kind and helpful acts so as to reduce the pain and problems of the needy. So, there are people who listen to the call of their conscience and fulfill their moral duties.

Mohsini Ghafoori is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at the outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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