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‘Earn Heart Which is the Greatest Shrine’


‘Earn Heart Which is the Greatest Shrine’

Eid roots in deep sincerity and tends to weaken our tendency towards worldly lust. Within that historical day, when Ibrahim touched the knife to the throat of his beloved son Ismael, it symbolized the peak of selflessness and devotion for the deity. Showing lack of tendency towards flamboyant and eye-catching materials so as to reach a spiritual status is a milestone in one’s life. Therefore, Ibrahim was upgraded spiritually and reached a true salvation. This historical day put a significant effect in human societies as it is celebrated annually around the globe.
Afghanistan is also among the countries which celebrates this day in an especial way. With smiles on people’s lips, the city seems fresh. That is to say, the air is filled with indescribable delight, smile, and pleasure. People from all walk of life spend for this day as much as they can afford, make trip, visit their relatives, and sacrifice sheep as charity – which really reflect humanity. However, one of the issues is forgotten on Eid Days.
This issue which is of high significance is supporting the poor and those who live in abject poverty and have no one to care for them. This issue is hardly ever paid heed on Eid Days in our society. People spend huge amount of money for Eid, but if the expanses are channeled to supporting the poor, it will be more spiritual and delightful. For instance, those who go to parks, luxury hotels, etc. if they spend a small amount of their money in helping the poor, they will fill many hearts with strong sense of delight. Their own conscience will also be mollified and they will feel inner satisfaction. Hence, this act of kindness will add to the pleasure of Eid since sympathy and empathy will generate a feeling of self-satisfaction. It will give us a peace of mind and relieve us mentally and spiritually. This is a real spiritual rehearsal.
In other words, pleasures and happiness are really ephemeral and not really momentous. We will lose our energy with the process of time and our pleasure might go no more beyond a memory. Nonetheless, supporting the poor will be different. That is to say, sympathizing with the poor will fill us with a perpetual delight.
We will feel an eternal tranquility. Suppose you, along with your close friend, have your meal at a luxury restaurant or visit the best park, your happiness will decline at the end of the day. But if you hand a small penny to a poor individual on the way to restaurant, help some children, whose only bread and butter are polishing shoes, support the underprivileged, etc. you will gain an eternal peace of mind and a great sense of pleasure that will not erase from your memory.
Whenever, you remember your kindness and the act of morality you will feel satisfied and happy. So, you will be bursting with pleasure and pride.
Now the question is that who wants an eternal enjoyment? The answer is that all want it. We will heal the inner wounds of the poor with acts of kindness and human feelings.
The inner satisfaction of the poor is the other side of the coin. With our act of humanity, we will revive smile on the lips of the individuals who might not have beamed for years. To emphasize, we will fill the broken-hearts with happiness. Making people happy will further beautify the Eid and make it an enjoyable day for them, too.
In such a case, the true meaning of humanity will emerge in the society and the true soul of Eid-e-Qurban, which means getting rid of material lust and sacrifice for the divine sake, will be practiced upon. A Persian poem aptly says that earn heart which is the greatest Hajj and earning a heart is better than thousands of [visiting] Ka’ba shrine. Pleasing others in a divine way and reviving smile on their lips will be better than visiting shrine, according to this poem. The great shrine will be doing favor to people and filling them with pleasure rather than the custom and superstition which hold strong sway in our society and have no religious basis.
The great shrine is to reform our practices no matter where we are. For instance, if one visits a shrine but does not reform their practices, it will be of no spiritual value. We have to purify our hearts and deeds so as to earnt the divine satisfaction. Humanity lies in philanthropy and selflessness for others. Pleasing human beings will be tantamount to pleasing the Creator.
It is believed that the peak of humanity is in feeling sympathy and empathy with the poor. It is a great shrine. The reward of supporting our poor neighbors will be more than visiting a shrine. We have to force smile on the lips of our needy and underprivileged individuals through financial support. I hope for the day that the financially backbreaking custom of our society will be replaced by supporting the needy and it be changed into a culture.
The true happiness is to make the needy happy. It is further expected that the Prophet Ibrahim should be an epitome of devotion for our society and we have to copy his sacrifice through getting rid of selfishness and practicing selflessness in our community. Let us move towards a great shrine which is helping the poor.

Mohammad Baqirian is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at the outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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