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Impatience and Absurdity – The Products of Facebook


Impatience and Absurdity – The Products of Facebook

Social media hold strong sway and led to great evolution around the globe. This evolution is multifarious; i.e., having both positive and negative aspects, which is common with many issues. With the development of human societies and technological advancement, people participated in using social media on a larger scale around the world. Within several years, people received several kinds of social media in their daily life: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, What’s up, Viber, Emo and so on and many more will enter market in the future.
After years, Facebook and other kinds of social media also entered our society. Out of all, Facebook was welcomed wholeheartedly and this network absorbed the attention of a large number of individuals. Likewise, the number of users is increasing with each passing day. In the beginning, only those who lived in the cities had access to this social network; however, the activation of internet developed using this network in every nook and cranny. Currently, scores of people use this network in remote areas as well.
To ponder over this issue, this network put both positive and negative impact on people. Nevertheless, the negative effect is believed to outweigh the positive one. Our people are deeply involved in the quagmire of its disadvantages. This commentary will point out the disadvantages and negative usages of this social media. The level of knowledge and intellectual ability are extremely low in Afghanistan. Therefore, our people were left at the mercy of this media and their attitudes and relations were changed dramatically. One of the consequences was that people began to grow impatient. That is to say, the Facebook users ran impatient and hasty so quickly. Indeed, Facebook led to widespread impatience in the society and the outcome was to say farewell to profound texts, effective mentalities and books. With the influence of Facebook, our people changed into careless readers and had no mood for going through deep and rich content of books. The level of study also reduced on a large scale or replaced by Facebook. One has no mood to study deeply.
We are accustomed to scrolling down our Facebook and going through superficial writings and glancing at them in the blink of an eye. This issue has affected us to the extent that there is no more patience for studying one or two pages of a book or study for one or at least half an hour. On the contrary, we are highly absorbed in Facebook spending hours of our precious time on it. To sum up, we are ready to use Facebook for hours but not study for twenty minutes or so.
What I mean by studying is going through pages of book with tendency rather than glancing at chapters. Perhaps, one will open pages of university text books with boredom but this is done under duress not out of inclination. We must study books with the strong tendency as using Facebook. Do we really study books in this way?
It should be noted that a cursory reading will be really detrimental to our society. Our energy and intellectual abilities are widely spent on using Facebook and we gain nothing in return other than wasting our time.
Book has been tremendously marginalized in our social life and the valuable ideas included in books which will remedy our problems are ignored. So, Facebook and the models observed in Facebook are changed into our life guide.
Our sentimental attitudes and superficiality are changed into our daily practices. We do not ponder over this issue with pinpoint accuracy. It is most likely that our people will change into careless readers, emotional and impatient individuals, in the future, as a result of being deeply absorbed in Facebook. With disregarding books, social absurdity and ignorance will be widespread.
The next adverse effect of using Facebook in our family and community is dismantling our emotional bond and emptying our home from sincere relations among the family members. Facebook infiltrated our life in a way that we are distanced from our family members rather than gathering and enjoying sincere talks. Although we are together physically, but distant from one another mentally and emotionally. Brothers, sisters, fathers, etc. gather in a single place deeply engaged in Facebook. We are unaware of one another and our demands and needs but focus on Facebook. In other words, we forget the real people sitting beside us but concentrate on people in the cyberspace and our real world has been victimized by cyberspace. We disregard the real pain and sufferings of our brothers and sisters but sympathize with those who reveal their pain in cyberspace. To put it succinctly, lack of emotion is widespread and being absorbed in Facebook targets our emotional bonds and may lead to dismantling our family relations. Hence, using Facebook negatively and being obsessed with it will be highly dangerous to our individual and social life. We need to focus our attention on real world rather than cyberspace so that we should no more feel impatient.

Mohammad Baqirian is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at the outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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