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Afghanistan’s Independence – An Honor for Afghans


Afghanistan’s Independence – An Honor for Afghans

It is an undeniable fact that Afghanistan’s independence is highly valuable for all Afghans and is the epitome of their honor and ambition. Afghans have celebrated this day for many years. However, celebrating this historical pride should uphold common feelings, history, realization, suffering, empathy and sympathy in this land for our nation. All individuals need to consider this honor and remain responsible in protecting it. That is to say, they have to be proud of being Afghan and keep their heads high. Ill-fatedly, the fact shows otherwise. The people of this land have been embroiled in conflict and war and violence which resulted in the destruction of social life and their backwardness. Rather than living a peaceful life and being tolerant towards one another, people were involved in bloodshed. It goes without saying that with the broken foundation of friendship and tolerance, reiterating hatred and avenge and legitimizing the death of one another and violating one’s honor and property will led to the collapse of the wall of life and trigger a sense of disappointment in the society. We should strongly believe and profoundly feel that getting knowledge, reaching a comfortable life, and enjoying justice, public freedoms and human rights values will not be achieved through conflict. This way, the stability will not be gained, either. The history of human societies proved this fact that people’ animosity, poverty, ignorance and lack of knowledge, and injustice have sparked off the sense of rage and fueled the feeling of revenge among groups.
The historical responsibility of our time and generation necessitates that we all should head towards a common goal and seek to protect our independence and territorial integrity. Further, we need to support the spirit of brotherhood and equality among the tribes and shun segregation and disunity.
Monopolization and discrimination on the grounds of political faction and discrimination in sharing national assets, education, ethnicity and language, employment, access to justice, beliefs and faith, human dignity, etc. are highly destructive and will change hope into disappointment in the society. In addition, these issues will fuel the sense of revenge and prompt people to engage in civil unrest.
We believe that besides common historical honor and having common human feelings and suffering, and social interests, we will be able to live a peaceful life with one another and fulfill our responsibilities in providing peace and stability in the society.
Moreover, the media have to shoulder the burden of responsibility in promoting peace, stability and the culture of tolerance and should take more effective step for the realization of such lofty ambitions.
We should be hopeful enough that celebrating historical honor will be fruitful and support us in achieving the way for creating empathy and fulfilling our national responsibilities in the best possible way so as to form a united and developed society. Hence, we are all responsible to move based on our social facts, realize and respect our common interests, and seek to bury the differences rather than stressing on them.
On the other hand, the government is also responsible to fulfill its commitment as it is stated in the Constitution, approved in Kabul Loya Jirga (Grand National Assembly) in 2004, that the state will “establish an order based on the peoples’ will and democracy; form a civil society void of oppression, atrocity, discrimination as well as violence, based on rule of law, social justice, protecting integrity and human rights, and attaining peoples’ freedoms and fundamental rights; strengthen political, social, economic as well as defense institutions; attain a prosperous life and sound living environment for all inhabitants of this land”.
Considering the aforementioned facts, we will be able to gain peace and stability easier and bury the hatchet and curb the destructive and deadly wars. But if we do not learn from our past and ignore our common interests repeatedly, the most adverse effect will be being engaged in bloody and destructive conflicts. We are all mankind belonging to the same land. Relying on reasonable and comprehensive interests and institutionalizing it in our national culture will be the most effective strategy for gaining access to peace and stability. Likewise, reiterating the criteria of humanity for all tribes in the society will lead to the elimination of discrimination and differences. It is also a path to social justice which has been a long desire for Afghan people.
To sum up, Afghanistan is the common home for all Afghans and all must enjoy common concession and opportunities. No tribe is superior or inferior to another. The religious beliefs and faith of all individuals are valuable in the society and Afghanistan’s independence is an honor for all Afghans.

Abdul Hamid Arifi is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at the Outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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