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Unemployment and its effect on Youths


Unemployment and its effect on Youths

Few days back, it was the International Youth Day. We observed much ado and indescribable delight of individuals and institutions in social media, speeches and ceremonies. People celebrated this day in one way or another. Celebrating such days are believed to be positive, however, if this is pondered upon a bit more deeply, we will come to know that there are too serious challenges, before the youths, to be put into words and they are wrestling with insurmountable problems. These celebrations are more likely to be ephemeral.  
Our youths are in the grip of backbreaking problems. Unemployment is one of the most difficult issues that has gone beyond the tolerance of Afghan youths, who seek to graduate from university with the aim of getting job to make their ends meet and as well as serve the nation. With the current situation, their dreams hardly ever come true. A large number of students are unemployed in the wake of being graduated and making tireless efforts in this regard. Some of the youths struggle from one to three years living no stone unturned to get a job, but their struggles are proved abortive. Administrative corruption (nepotism, bribery, lack of transparency in employment process and test taking) is death knell of their hope. The said issues prevail to the extent that provide no chance for the growth of youths’ talents. Therefore, scores of expert individuals who lack middleman remain jobless.
Brain-drain and flying the nest are the result of being given cold shoulder in the country. They are ignored for long time, their rights are violated and their abilities and capabilities are disregarded. That is to say, administrative corruption is the main reason behind the brain-drain. In addition, the voice of Afghan youths fall on deaf ears. Hence, flying the nest is believed to be the last resort for Afghan youths that hope to find job and make their dreams come true in other lands. Unluckily, countless number of the same youths encounter many crises in foreign countries, too. For example, they are being riddled with bullets in Syria’s war, being preyed on whales in Australian ocean, and being exhausted in refugee camps in Europe. They leave their homes and families not with the intention of having fun but to survive life-threatening issues and have bread and butter. In brief, having no option other than emigration, Afghan youths choose the last resort at the cost of their destiny and life. They wish they could be freed from the confusion and ambiguity.
Being failed to obtain their goals after long struggles, a number of youths feel disappointed. In other words, inequality and lack of meritocracy leave no incentive for them to work or continue their effort. The prevailing discrimination reduces their motivation and struggle in this respect. Perhaps, some of them will show inclination to perilous issues that will lead the society and their own life to a horrible consequence. When a criminal ground is paved for the youths, it will be an irreparable loss for the community. Recently, a report released by BBC about education in Maidan Wardak province of Afghanistan in which one of the interviewee said that sixty per cent of Maidan Wardak students are the Taliban soldiers. Taliban provide them with motorcycles, their trip expanses and exploit them for war and other militancy in return. None of those youths joined the Taliban under duress, but by being provided with welfare. There are many examples of such kind. Hence, one will conclude that taking refuge to other countries, being preyed on by whales, riddled with bullets, and joining destructive and militant groups are the result of unemployment. To free the youths from this issue, providing job is likely to be the only option.
Job is the first and foremost need for Afghan youths. Job will provide them income. For instance, when the youths have income, they will have no serious issue to worry about and will take active part in developing the society. It goes without saying that if youths use their power and energy in different fields of life and in developing the society, it will be highly effective for the betterment of our community and catalyze our progress. Virtually, job will constitute hope for youths and hope will breed great prosperity. Hence, to support the youths and put an end to their confusion and ambiguous destiny, the hope of Afghan youths will have to be revived and there should be enough incentive for them to play their role in the society. Needless to say, the key of Afghanistan’s development is in the powerful hands of our youths. They are able to play crucial role in the society and drive our country towards peace and stability through taking part in social, political and economic activities.
To sum up, it should be noted that giving a share to all youths in the government’s body is not possible. Engaging in private sectors will be very beneficial for Afghan youths. Thousands of youths will be employed with the activities of private sectors. It is hoped that the ground will be paved for the youths’ activities so that they could get rid of this unpleasant situation.

Mohammad Baqirian is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at the outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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