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Consequences of Ethnic and Religious Movements


Consequences of Ethnic and Religious Movements

We are supposed to view the pains and sufferings inflicted upon us within the history. Our history should be an eye-opener for the nation. We all should learn the positive and negative aspects of the past so as to expand the realm of our tolerance. We need to view the history deeply and not forget our past. We should point out the issues which bond us and strengthen the sense of empathy and harmony and let not the history repeat itself.
Although we have a dark history, we are still able to review our past and brighten our future and lighten a candle in the dark air of disappointment. Considering the past, we can prevent from the repetition of the bitter facts. In brief, our history will beckon us from wrong path to the right one and it is a candle in the darkness.
Our nation remembers the racial and religious conflicts which murdered, wounded and amputated thousands of people and displaced millions of others. These are all lessons to be learnt. We need to learn lesson that destruction, despotic and exclusive movements and self-superiority and authoritative act will lead to a risky quagmire. The mass killings, amputating women’s heads and breasts, horrible violence, the flow of streams of blood in Kabul and tens of tragic incidents still haunt our minds. All these cannibalistic issues were the results of self-centered and cruel acts of despotic individuals. Do you not think that these issues should be an eye-opener for our nation? Our past horrible events are believed to be enough lessons for all centuries of our generation, if we are able to realize this fact. We are to open the pages of our history to learn them. It is aptly said that if one does not learn a lesson from the history, s/he will change into a lesson for the history. Our past is an ocean of lesson and one needs to realize it deeply.
Recently, tribal and authoritative practices are on the rise. Our world changes into hell as a result of triggering the public sentiments, chanting racial and tribal slogans, denouncing people and tribes, playing with the minds of people, etc. Politics and management do not necessarily mean playing with individuals’ feelings and sentiments. Exploiting the naïve, honest and energetic youths and risking their lives means neither politics nor demanding rights. The individuals who think about nothing other than position and high political status, hide themselves behind others and push the youths to death so as to gain their own self-interests and objectives. In short, they use the youths and the surge of their sentiments as human shield. Such political opportunists are responsible before the history. Creating conflicts among people for gaining position will be a big crime and a betrayal to the nation. Let people practice love and brotherhood towards one another and remain equal so that tolerance and empathy grow stronger and they will no more threaten one another on the basis of caste, color and creed. Let people erase the dark history of violence and hatred through practicing tolerance. Let the ethnic wounds not bleed again through despotism and selfishness.
The contempt for the right of one ethnic group or another is increasing in social media. Insulting tribal elders and generalizing it to the same tribe will spark off hatred and mistrust. The past ethnic wounds will start bleeding and rage and hatred will be widespread. A number of emotional individuals are believed to spread hatred and widen the gap among the nation for being used as political vehicle. It should be noted that our social challenges will not be alleviated and our wounds will not be healed through using foul language against an ethnic group or insulting them. Such acts will further multiply the challenges and lessen the possibly of getting out of this quagmire. One should know that contempt for a group or using foul language against them will trigger mutual hatred. The humiliated group will certainly show negative reaction. So, one will conclude that spreading hatred will lead to discord and disharmony. Hence, let us not empower those who sow the seed of animosity and hatred.

In conclusion, it should be said that if the acts of some individuals continue, as it is the same today, we will again turn to our tragic past. In other words, with the continuation of the same trend, people might turn against one another. For instance, the social disorder will become out of control – the demagogue politicians will be responsible in such a case. People are exhausted from war, violence, hatred and mistrust. Creating disagreement and widening the gap should be ended. Let us hope that the streams of blood will stop in the near future and this country be no more a butchery of mankind. Since the nation has suffered for life time, it is hoped that it will heave a sigh of relief.

Mohammad Baqirian is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at the outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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