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Pleasure in Death and Engendering Violence


Pleasure in Death and Engendering Violence

We have strange community, where life smells blood, death and violence and murder have been changed into common practice. One’s demands are pursued at the cost of another’s life. Our life and history are replete with outrageous acts. Mankind is tortured in the worst possible way and even death is preceded by horrible acts. In today’s life, a new issue has emerged which is the ugliest sort of death. In this kind of death, one risks his own life and the life of innocent individuals. There has emerged strong power pushing one to death – this is in conflict with any kinds of rationality, since self-defense is one’s highest aspiration and basic need.
However, murderers enjoy the death and this pleasure is the only justification behind their acts. Perhaps, self-wanted death will be the sweetest for them, since they pose a question that why one will gain in a position enjoying death?
To answer the question that how death changes into pleasure and one forgoes his/her life, one’s attitude should be considered. Sometimes, your behavior will be subject to the principle of pleasure. This principle originates from the inferior aspect of man’s existence. But as a matter of protecting a life and not being controlled, this will be risky. On the contrary, there is the principle of reality. Based on this principle, one will not merely follow pleasure, but follow what is in your actual favor. The principle of reality, which is dominated by the nature of self-protection, will be the complement of the principle of pleasure. In brief, the principle of reality will pursue pleasure but postpone it to hunt for further enjoyment.
Based on the mentioned principle, the normalization of death in our society is because it has been changed into pleasure for some groups. Initially, it might seem paradoxical that how death, as an end to life, will possibly change into physical pleasure. To understand this fact, take, for example, an addict who knows that addiction will lead to death but still involves in it. It is because s/he is not able to ignore the pleasure. The same is the case with death. The reasons behind changing death into pleasure which will be explained shortly:
1-Anti-Nature Morality
This kind of morality is in conflict with the nature of life. That is to say, the world is considered worthless, a transit or bridge to the next world, meaningless, prison, etc. and life is tantamount to pain and suffering. One the other hand, the hereafter is introduced a permanent life full of pleasure and void of pain and suffering. For instance, the next world is a complete utopia with perfect opposite sex, streams and springs, garden and so on and so forth. So, all pleasure is reduced to physical enjoyment depleted of rational support. This kind of interpretation of pain and gain will prompt one to get rid of the worldly suffering and touch permanent pleasure. This is how death changes into pleasure and you will embrace it with open arm. As it is said, “Kill yourself to steal yourself”. This killing, according to them, frees one from the worldly pain and joins to heavenly pleasure. They pursue the same kind of pleasure via death and murder.
2-Ideological Conflicts
The second question is that what makes killing others enjoyable? According to religious texts, these groups do not allow committing suicide in a normal way and an honorable death has the reward. Therefore, they cannot wait for a normal death and seek the ground for an honorable death, according to them. Creating ideological conflicts seem to be the best way in this regard. When life is interpreted in the frame of beliefs and jihad and others’ beliefs are considered false and an obstacle for reaching salvation, those believers will be doomed to death and deserving no life. Their death will be called reward and one will seek to kill them at the cost of their own lives – this is how social conflicts such as war, violence and suicide attacks take place. In such a case, some political circles will recruit those exhausted from life and re-socialize them in religious or military bases and implant hatred in their minds and hearts so as to prepare them for killing others.
3-Social History
The next anomic state is changing death into social phenomenon. This phenomenon emerges in different ways such as suicide, murder, and desire for killing others and using the literature of death for expressing one’s sentiments which have been witnessed by our history. Our history is replete with cruelty, war and violence and even one is killed for fun and pleasure. We are filled with a sense of revenge and hatred. Everyone will seek revenge through killing or wishing one death. This is likely to be a historical issue resulted in the current mental and spiritual state.
In a society where death changes into pleasure and life is sought in death, violence will manifests itself in death and murder. There is much historical evidence in this case. The stronger desire for death increases the more violence will emerge. To put an end to this issue, the pleasure for life should be strengthened in a society rather than death. Social violence will not decrease unless the life of mankind is changed into a value.

Dr. Aman Fasihi is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at the Outlookafghanistan@ gmail.com

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