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The Objectives and Anticipation of Kabul Process


The Objectives and Anticipation of Kabul Process

The Kabul Process Meeting for peace and security held in Kabul on June 6-7, 2017. The conference hosted by Afghanistan is attended by more than 25 countries and international organizations for peace and security cooperation. This process was aimed to strengthen and facilitate an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and attract regional and global support in this regard. It is believed that a stable and secure Afghanistan will lead to regional stability. The participants exchanged their thoughts about the challenges which may hamper regional peace and stability and declare their commitment in this respect.
The objectives of Kabul Process Meeting for Peace and Security
Afghan nation and state aim to seek following objectives
1. Attracting support for an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process.
2. Creating an extensive the realm of supporting peace through involving neighboring and regional countries and international community.
3. Adopting a political strategy for gaining peace in the country and region.
4. Underlining a true state-state relations in foreign policy and urging the countries for the same policy via interacting with Afghanistan.
6- Creating a common ground for all activities about peace and stability in Afghanistan.
The Content of Kabul Process Conference
No wonder, Afghanistan’s conflict has gone beyond a civil issue and gaining peace and stability becomes complicated with each passing day. The reinforcement of the protracted war and continued terrorist activities in Afghanistan are likely to root in conflicting interests among political players. As long as the conflicting issues continue, instability will go on both in Afghanistan and the region. To mitigate instability in the region, creating a secure Afghanistan, rather than a war-torn country, will play a key role in this regard. The following issues are believed to be the main topics in the conference: 
1. Appreciating regional countries and international community to cooperate and interact with Afghanistan, establish regional peace and widen the range of mutual cooperation so as to tackle the common challenges.  
2. Afghan President presented a new strategy for attracting regional cooperation about peace, which is believed to revive international spirit for stability.
  3. Afghanistan hopes this conference will provide a good opportunity to outline practical objectives for peace and the participants are hoped to declare their strong commitment for cooperation.  
4. On the other hand, Afghan government seeks to organize the individual and sporadic struggles for peace in a systematic way through Kabul Process Meeting. A systematic struggle will consolidate stability.
5. To gain long-term cooperation for peace and stability, confidence building and continued inspiration are needed to be discussed.
6. Terrorism and militancy have been changed into a global threat which creates great challenges around the globe. It is believed that more than 20 terrorist groups are operating outside the country’s territory, which is used for orchestrating attacks against Afghanistan and the region. It goes without saying that combating these groups is in need of cooperation at regional and international level. Otherwise, Afghanistan will bear the brunt of militancy and terrorist activities. It is hoped that this conference will come with a common strategy to root out terrorism, narcotic drug and other common threats.
The protracted crisis imposed on Afghanistan has led to irreplaceable harm in the region. Currently, the regional and global countries are exposed to a strong threat, political violence, terrorism, separatism and fundamentalism. These threats seem highly serious. To put an end to the threats, the regional and global countries need to build a peaceful Afghanistan and take high step in this respect. Analysts and observers are of the view that Afghanistan’s instability will destabilize the region. On the contrary, peace and security in this country will result to regional stability. Security in the country, which is considered the heart of Asia, will cultivate regional confidence, extend business, reinforce bond and pave the ground for improvement in the Asia. Therefore, Afghanistan hosted this conference with objective of creating inspiration for regional and global cooperation regarding peace.
It is further hoped that the world will adopt a certain strategy to bring the terrorist networks into their knees so as to prevent from violence and bloodshed.

Zia Danish is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at the outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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