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National Security – Afghanistan’s Top Priority


National Security – Afghanistan’s Top Priority

The mounting insecurity around the globe has affected Afghanistan more than ever before. The “war on terror” which was the main objective of Afghanistan’s international allies, did not bear the desired result within the past years. With the escalated insurgency, Afghanistan suffers severely and terrorist attacks happen in every nook and cranny.
Currently, it is likely that national security is a serious topic in the society’s present discourse and needs to be prioritized by the government as a practical strategy. Today, poverty, unemployment, lack of economic infrastructures, narcotic, low-quality education, etc. are serious issues in Afghanistan and each one will be able to challenge the cycle of social life. However, security seems to be the most fundamental issue. In brief, lack of security, with all the ins and outs of it, is a problem that has dismantled all aspects of life in the country.
The Kabul recent bloody incident is the worst example for such tragic issues which shook the entire world. The attack – as a bomb hidden in the sewage tanker went off in the crowded area of Kabul, Wazir Akbar Khan, leaving hundreds of Afghans dead and wounded and caused an outpouring of grief among the public.
Strong national and international reaction were ensued by this barbaric act. A large number of world’s officials, including Vatican, condemned this act of terror and recommended a nonstop counterinsurgency. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel stopped deporting refugees besides condemning this terrorist attack. Similarly, The Eiffel Tower in Paris had its lights turned off on last Wednesday evening, to pay tribute to the victims of a bomb attack in Kabul. The Taliban who have declared Mansouri Operation in the spring season seek to show themselves stronger and terrorize people through carrying out deadly and destructive attacks. In the current year, the Taliban, seem to earn greater confidence and try to keep the fireplace of war hot.
The militant fighters kill men, women and children indiscriminately and inflict heavy casualties upon the civilians. “The civilian deaths concerned us and the international community, we urge the parties to the conflict to not target civilian-populated rural areas,” the spokesman of AIHRC, Bilal Sediqi is quoted as saying.
It is believed that the former political competition between eastern and western powers has resurfaced with the new crisis in the Middle East and East Europe and dragged the US in the Russia’s realm of influence Ukraine. Russia will also break its silence and end its marginalization regarding the Middle East’s issue namely the conflict in Syria and will be a close partner to Damascus.
Gaining tangible outcome in the Syria’s conflict, Moscow extended its realm of activities and attracted the countries, which were dissatisfied with the US’s policy, so as to constitute a coalition against the western policy.
Several meetings held in Moscow regarding the Afghanistan’s issues, bespeak of the Moscow’s presence and its regional allies in the country’s evolution – especially when the Taliban, as a political trend, has been paid heed and said to deserve a comprehensive political support. Pakistan is considered among the first countries that welcomed this issue. It further declared its active part in this trend in favor of regional politics, mainly regarding Afghanistan.
Islamabad has constantly come under the criticism of the international community and the US. The US also put political and economic pressure on Pakistan. However, it did not work out.
The Wednesday’s terrorist attack in Kabul, which was named “the Black Wednesday”, along with the series of past attacks, was said to be orchestrated from Pakistan’s soil. Perhaps, it seeks to put the strongest pressure on Afghanistan and challenge the country’s international allies. So, it is Afghanistan to prioritize the security issue and review its policy regarding terrorism.
Suggesting security solution, attracting international cooperation, appointing committed and expert figures in security apparatus, and prosecuting the criminals, who have hands in gloves with the Taliban, will be prioritized by the National Unity Government (NUG). The required measures have been taken in this regard and also regarding security to foil the sinister plots of the Taliban and like minded groups.

I would like to emphasize that the recent spate of terrorist attacks not only in Afghanistan, but around the globe, including Iran, show that militants are getting stronger and posing more serious threat to the world. Hence, the issue of terrorism needs to be paid serious attention by the world. 

Liaqat Ali Amini is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at the outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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