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The War Remains Indecisive


The War Remains Indecisive

It is going to be ten years of the unforgettable incident of 9/11, which is thought to have changed the course of world order and consequently started 'the war against terrorism'. The country in focus in 'the war against terrorism' has been Afghanistan, as Al-Qaida – the responsible terrorist organization – was fully supported by the Taliban and was given refuge in Afghanistan. Already annoyed by US policies towards Afghanistan, Taliban refused to hand over Osama or Al-Qaida members to US, which resulted in the fury of US authorities who were earnestly demanding the 9/11 mastermind – Osama Bin Laden.

At the end they decided to launch a war in order to avenge the bloodiest incident they had ever imagined would be carried out against them. There have been views by political thinkers and analysts that 'war' was not the only option for US.

They are of the view that the issue could be submitted to the International Court of Justice and UN could be given the authority to pursue the issue. This sort of views, if not supported by many soon after the 9/11 attacks, currently seem to be convincing more people.

Most of the people in US itself seem tired of this war and have started questioning the very necessity of it. Today, when the people look at the outcomes of the war, more of them seem to abhor it. But, what are the consequences of the war and how the people around the world respond to them should be left for some later discussion.

However, the very decision of opting for the war remains controversial but much discussion over that does not change the course of history and can not undo what has been done so far. It can only remain important for another reason, which will, also, be discussed later in the article.

The incident of 9/11 was real; the resultant war was very much solid and the outcomes have been quiet tangible, as well. It is not important that the war could be avoided; the important thing is 'what the war has brought to the world in general and Afghanistan, the region and the US in Particular; In addition, what it can bring, afterwards, especially in the post war against terrorism scenario'. Let's have a glance over these imperative impacts.

It is going to be ten years of war in Afghanistan and the international forces seem in a hurry to end up the war and draw back their forces. US, at least in the announced intentions, want to complete the withdrawal of their forces by the end of 2014 and the rest of the countries that have contributed their forces in the war have also announced that they would with draw their forces by the same time.

The war is considered to have reached to a decisive position and the international community now thinks that the time is ripe for the Afghan forces and authorities to take over the responsibility of the security of their country.

There are some who are very much optimistic about the result of this 'transition' but at the same time, there are some others who believe that many concerns are yet to be dealt with before the process of withdrawal is completed.

Above all, they consider the war against terrorism not to have reached to a decisive position as the terrorism and terrorist networks are yet to be defeated and there are great chances that they may get stronger if the war is left at this particular position. Further, the ongoing situation of peace and tranquility also suggest that there are many things to be done before the victory is considered decisive. In this regard, the recent views of US ambassador to Kabul, Ryan Crocker can be put forward for consideration, "It is going to require more resources, its going to require time.

I hope we can bring all those to bear, because as hard, painful, as expensive as this has been in blood and treasure, it has cost a lot less than 9/11 did"; "My life to a significant degree was never the same after 9/11… What drives me is what happened that day, and what I saw; and not that I need a reminder, but this is just a small memento of why we are in this fight and why we need to stay in it"; "

These are tough, determined guys and we have got to stay in the fight, because if we decide we are done, without completing the mission along the lines I laid out earlier, well the Taliban is going to be back". And the very last clause can be the worst part of the war, if it ever turns out to be the same.

Keeping in mind the concerns regarding the capabilities of Afghan security forces and the strengthening terrorist networks the feared situation is quite possible. The other major issues that remain ambiguous after almost ten years of the efforts since the 9/11 incident include the prevailing instability in the country regarding the political and economic systems.

Both of them stand on shaky foundations and suffer from a trend of uncontrollable and ever increasing corruption. It is really difficult to build reliable expectations except the support of international community.

Moreover, the regional dissatisfaction and ambiguities are also increasing about the war. Afghanistan's neighboring countries do not see eye to eye with the US authorities regarding the war and it prospects.

In addition, the instability in Pakistan, which is related to the stability and the US policies in Afghanistan and vice versa, is threatening the world because of no sign of improvement. Keeping in mind the history of war and incidents in Pakistan, it is not difficult to conclude that the worsening situation in Pakistan has close relation with 'the war against terrorism' and the Pakistani authorities' reaction to it.

Keeping in mind the present scenario in Afghanistan and the region, it can be safely said that though this war can not be completed termed as 'unnecessary' and 'evil', it can be termed as 'indecisive' for the time being. Definitely, there is more to be done to take this war towards conclusion.

At the moment, it can not be left in the way it is. Here it can be replied that why discussing the decision of opting for the war after 9/11 is important. It is important because of the reason that this war was always an option and once it was decided to be fought, it should be concluded. It should never be left undecided, as it is bound to go anywhere if left so.

Dilawar Sherzai is the permanent writer of the Daily outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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