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Catastrophe and its Ensuing Necessities


Catastrophe and its Ensuing Necessities

Performing religious ritual after a human tragedy is favorable but not enough. The emotions and offering condolence over tragedies are a general occasion that all can do, including simple individuals. Therefore, governments’ mourning about human catastrophes will not cure the wounds of victims’ families.
Since offering condolence cannot meet the public expectations, the nation hopes to get rid of the repeated terror. If condolence soothes the burden of pain and anguish, it will, however, never hamper the repetition of such scenarios.

The fear of the public is right. Recurrent catastrophes have increased the possibility of incidents in this land. The main reason behind the recurrence of catastrophe is the repeated errors made far from the public eye. Ignoring errors created immunity for the officials, but only the war-torn nation is unable to have immunity. In the incident of Shahin Corps, the nation’s apples of the eye fell over. This pain weighs heavily on people. When nation’s fresh and fruitful trees are buried, how one can tolerate that the perpetrators are at large and ridicule the scene, this is the nation’s question. People must know that on the one hand some political figures mourn over the death, but on the other hand, they are in line with perpetrators. Such political satires will darken the fate of the unfortunate people.

At least the victims’ families have the right to have an exact answer after the incident. Disregarding this issue is tantamount to disrespecting those families. The catastrophe of the Protection of the Prominent Figures Department, the bloody incident of Deh-Mazang and the massacre in Sardar Dawud Khan Hospital aligned the nation against the common enemy but the mystery over investigating the issues damaged the government’s status in the public mind. Enemies capitalize on this condition – sometimes the state has unintentionally smoothed the path for foes.  

The government has to either answer to the nation or acknowledge its negligence. Lack of a persuading answer to people is failure. Such presumptions have made the nation lose trust in government’s commitment made for investigating the Shahin incident.

The last year incident of Protection of the Prominent Figures Department occurred at the same time but President’s commitment to nation in a hot speech was futile. A serial of more catastrophes took place and the enemies inflicted heavy casualties upon the nation.

The National Unity Government (NUG) will have to take serious step and fulfill its commitment so as to gain public trust, which is the only asset for the NUG and should not put it on auction. In brief, answering to nation will be the only way to gain trust.

Public opinion has clear demands from the state as the media explained them for long. But all have fallen on deaf ears.

It is surprising to notice that the nation’s fate depends on defining a single word. To put it another way, the oppressed nation asks for the definition of “friend” and “foe”, yet the government has evaded the question.
Despite all the sufferings inflicted upon nation from certain enemy, the past and present administrations beat around the bush. The officials use unclear words while offering condolence and call the sworn enemy “brother” or simply “opponent”. It should be noted that the people’s silence does not necessarily mean that they do not keep these words into memory. Reminding these inappropriate words are an insult to the injury. This honorable nation does not deserve pain and sufferings, but there is no ear to listen. Following the recent terrorist attack, the public demand is clear and the state has to respond.

The public ask the government for declaring the Taliban a certain and sworn enemy rather than folding them in the veil of opponent or Islamic State (Daesh).
The true demand of Afghan nation is that the authorities should no more use the military and security institutions as vehicle for political haggling regarding peace talks and do not distribute the power on the basis of spate of casualties.

Political distribution of power will pose a threat to meritocracy. The government should not marginalize the military experts and employ people based on their merit.
The nation will rely in the administration if the government explains the result of investigation over the recent attack and assault on Sardar Daud Khan Hospital through media and prosecute the perpetrators.

Disrespecting the victims’ families will fill them with anger. Those who express anger regarding the attacks, by devoted soldiers, against the enemy and keep silent over the terrorist attacks must no more have the opportunity for such bold actions.
To sum up, strong and sustainable battles against the enemy are Afghans’ fundamental demands and the NUG should declare the Taliban a certain enemy. Now the government has gone through a serious ordeal and selecting the wrong choice will lead to irreparable harm.

Syed Asif Husaini is the permanent Writer of the Daily Afghanistan Ma. He can be reached at thedailyafghanistan@yahoo.com

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