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Do Good have Good!


Do  Good have Good!

The father of the child was sitting in front of me. As expected he first shouted advocating his son and tried all his efforts to make him prove as innocent and having characters similar to that of angels. But when he felt that his approach was going to make the things worse for him and his son and realized the weightlessness of his words, he bent down his head and sat thinking. Silence in the room became very difficult for me to tolerate either.

In the beginning, I was very much angry to the man who was not ready to listen to me and who put all his power to prove that he was right and we were wrong but now I felt sorry to him and there developed a kind of sympathy for this helpless man in my heart.

It looked as if he had exhausted all his energy and now sat there like a beaten soldier. The more I looked at him, the more I felt pity on him. His bent head, his shaking hands, his eyes looking tired and covered with circles of worries and frustration and the wrinkles on his forehead that made him appear even older than his actual age were more than enough to inspire one.

This was rather a taunting task for me as well. I had forgotten the number of times this man was called to the school to complain his son. Whenever there was any disciplinary problem, we were always dead sure that his son would also be involved in it and we were usually correct in our guess.

He looked into my eyes that looked very tired and started talking in a voice that sounded coming from a deep well, “Respected sir, you should suggest a solution to this. I don’t know what to do with this kid and I have got really tired of his problems. I tried to convince him by words, I beat him badly many times and even I thought of killing him as well but he is my blood and I cannot do this. Now, whatever you say, I will accept because I am totally helpless in his case”.

This situation also made me speechless and then both of us sat there, thinking.

Exact opposite to this is another student who is the collection of all the good qualities. His name is Saad and is the smallest student in his class. He passed the scholarship test with a distinction and he did it without much preparation. He prepared for the test for only a couple of weeks for which others students prepared for 6 or more months.

He always sits in the front because he is of the view that one sitting in the front is able to grasp every single word of the teacher and is very good for academic progress.

This and other mighty ideas and thoughts of him are above than this small child who is only 12 now.

When teacher enters the class, he finds him absolutely ready for studies when he has made his book, notebook and pens ready on his desk. He looks like an eagle that is ready to fly any time.
Some of the bright students used to complete exercises in advance and whenever we did it with the class, they felt themselves free as they had already done it in advance and thus created some problems in the class. Then I ordered them not to do anything in advance but the problem did not end with this. One day, when I checked the exercises, I found that some of the boys had again completed some exercises in advance but when I came to Saad, who was more competent comparing to them, he had not done it and I was a bit surprised. On my inquiry, he came with this answer, “Sir, I was doing it before but now as you have told me not to do so, so I will not go against your words”.

The boy, who sits next to him, does not like him too much. Even any boy, who wants to talk and have fun during the studies, does not like him because during the continuation of studies, he is found to be very serious and has no time to for others.
But it doesn’t mean that he is not social. In breaks and in summer camp, I noticed him playing, talking and laughing with his friends and classmates and he is no less social than them.

One day, he came to me and showed prayers written on a page. He told me that the prayer was about the advancement in knowledge and for enhancement of the performance of memory. He was memorizing it to read it every day and asked me to memorize it as well.

Whenever we offered prayers, I used to notice him to be standing in the first row. To my surprise he told that it was very blessed and virtuous to offer the prayers in the first row in mosque.
He lives in school hostel and his house is in a distant remote town. His father is not much educated that we should give the credit of his achievements to his father. Sometimes, his brother comes and meets him but he is not a child who should be much taken care of.

He is neither bombarded with advices nor given any exclusive training for all his unique personal and academic qualities and achievements.
From the comparison of the above mentioned two kids, I came to a conclusion and I am sure this would not be something new or unique and you might have already heard about it from others.
Two children of same ages can be the exact opposite of each other in different personal traits and qualities. One child is good at studies, understands each and every thing briskly, and has a brilliant memory and many more unique personal characters while another child is exact opposite of it.

Muhammad Rasool Shah is a freelance columnist. He can be reached at muhammadrasoolshah@gmail.com

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