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ANA has Become Far Better


ANA has Become Far Better

One of the critical issues in Afghanistan of President Hamid Karzai has been the process of security recruitment. Right after the outstation of Taliban regime, the entire administrative system, unlike many countries in the world passed through a similar track, collapsed, and there remained no recognized hierarchical administrative system which otherwise have the responsibility to play the role of a peg in a new system.

Even in revolutions, government personnel have not been discharged entirely. Still part of the administrative posts was kept intact and holders continued doing their duties and performing their jobs. In another word, the fundamental changes have occurred only on the top administrative posts and politicians generally were written of their positions, but the lower ranks of administrators and civil servants have not remarkably replaced or expelled.

See, for instance, the current situation of Libya, where Colonel Moammar Gaddafi's loyal armies resisted against rebellions as such that the fear of complete impasse boomed strongly, but still after the success of rebellions they would not fire the entire government personnel and, particularly lower ranks of armies and other security forces. Somehow they are forced not to do so, because for acquiring the trust of international community and buying credit for their own selves, they have to accept and welcome the lower layer of armies and police.

Otherwise, they would be disqualified for ruling the country and the country would not heal from injuries suffered during months of armed democratic struggle. Moreover, rebellions do not have the necessary experience and non have passed formal military trainings. The key part of administrative system is respect and submission to its hierarchical structure. But the hierarchical structure would be affected unless led wisely. It does not need a talented or a professional person to understand and analyze a situation if armed people having no experience of formal military training capture power.

The entire system would be led into a complete mess as the history has had huge examples. Seemingly, the government of opposition is taking wise decision and even asking those Colonel's loyal to join and keep protecting civilians.

But here in Afghanistan, the situation after outstation of Taliban regime changed completely though it had no sign of a revolution.It was due to a particular and distinguished situation that it was in.
Let's explain it a bit in detail.

Afghanistan started walking a complete new track right after the military withdrawal of Soviet Union. Soviet Armies left a standing government - the government of Dr. Najib - without doing anything for its persistence or even existence.

Perhaps it was because of its own fading authority which finally brought an end to the entire system on which USSR was run. Anyhow, whatever was the reason, the government of Dr Najib was left desperately in need of fundamental help.

The loss of USSR and withdrawal of Soviet armies perplexed former President Mr. Najib and he desperately sought the assistance of Jihadi groups, which finally caused the elimination of his government. Absolutely, seeking help of Jihadi groups was a political ribbon to help him stand alive. But, as you know, it did not, rather accelerated his already suffering administration. Was it a mistake when he sought the assistance of Jihadi groups or not?

I leave unanswered. But what I want to note down here is that that from the very outstation of his administration Afghanistan entered into a new and unfamiliar period, which is rightly defined as "war lordism". Optimists of the time wrote that Jihadi's government could survive on the basis demised body of the old system. Their optimism would have been realized if Jihadi groups have not fired completely the personnel of previous government.

It was a great mistake. However, it should be noted, that they were not able to do much better than what they did. Because their supporters were different and they lacked an authority under which all could express themselves equally and fairly.

Ultimately what followed was a terrible new period which I define as period of "war lordism". Hierarchical system, as such prevalent in the world and as we understand, ended, and each Jihadi groups horribly tried to capture power and appoint their fans and followers on top without caring about experience and profession.

The result was what we observed. And Taliban regime was similar as the rest and after its outstation; even a Talib did not remain on his post to continue discharging his duty.

To fill the gab, there was need of hasty recruitment in which nothing was much important which now has become. Whoever volunteered was rarely rejected and employed.

After passing that hasty period there came the turn of the fallout of those hasty decisions. Taliban militants were wrongly recruited and those who were recruited were naïve in courage as well as competency to fight Taliban-fighters who had become quite professional fighter during years of armed engagement with other Jihadi groups.

Frequently, we heard criticism of foreign military trainers, complaining that after years of financing Afghan armies and police, but still some cannot shoot directly. But seemingly, the situation is getting better as provisions of recruitment have become tough and demand has gone up while the employment has decreased fundamentally. What I observe in today's Afghan security forces was not few years ago.

They look courageous, strong and confident and even not afraid of Taliban militants' ambush. Presently, they maneuver with full confidence and their military caravans pass through most troubled areas.

Whatever be the reason behind, whether tough training of US, consistent fighting with militants, it is a great achievement for Afghan Security forces, particularly, Afghan National Army (ANA) which also enjoy a good fame among civilians too.

Jawad Rahmani is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at jawad_rahmani2001@yahoo.com

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