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Effects of Education


Effects of Education

Education is an effort of the senior people to transfer their knowledge to the younger members of society. It is thus an insti­tution, which plays a vital role in integrating an individual with his society and in maintaining the perpetuation of culture. Emile Durkheim defines education as “the influence exercised by the adult generation upon those who are not yet ready for adult life”. The role that education plays is quite important in everybody’s life because getting proper education is very necessary to get success and happy life just like healthy food is necessary for healthy body. Everybody wishes to live luxurious and better life. It develops personality of the people, provides physical and mental standard and transforms people’s living status. It promotes the feeling of physical, mental and social well-being by providing better life. Good education is constructive in nature which constructs future forever. It helps a person to improve his/her status of mind, body and spirit. It provides people lots of confidence by giving them bulk of knowledge in every fields. It is a single and vital way to the success as well as personal growth.
Besides, the more knowledge people get, they grow and develop more in the life. Being well educated never only means to earn certificates and good salary from the recognized and reputed institutions however it also means to be a good and social person in life. It helps everyone to determine whether something is good or bad for them and other persons related to them. The first purpose of getting good education is being good citizen and then being successful in personal and professional life. A person is incomplete without a good education because education makes him/her right thinker and correct decision maker. In such a competitive world, education has become a necessity for human beings after food, clothe and shelter. It is able to provide solutions to all problems; it promotes good habits and awareness about corruption, terrorism, and other social issues among us. Education is the most important tool offers inner and outer strength to a person. Education is the fundamental rights of everyone and capable of bringing any desired change in the human mind and society.
Personality, is the basic internal and external feature and character of a person with diverse beneficial qualities for one person as well as for others. And it is gained on that time when a person’s qualities make the people interesting, attractive and pleasant by passing many process of learning about awareness of the best quality or character which should be worthy, helpful and beneficial for all human beings. It is possible by many factors that one has to follow up so that he/she adapts the best personality. For instance, an individual's personality is the complex of mental characteristics that makes them unique from other people.  It includes all of the patterns of thought and emotions that cause us to do and say things in particular ways. At a basic level, personality is expressed through our temperament or emotional tone.  However, personality also colors our values, beliefs, and expectations. There are many potential factors that are involved in shaping a personality. These factors are usually seen as coming from heredity and the environment.  Research by psychologists over the last several decades has increasingly pointed to hereditary factors being more important, especially for basic personality traits such as emotional tone. However, the acquisition of values, beliefs, and expectations seem to be due more to socialization and unique experiences.
After knowing what personality is the question arises that can education guarantee the best personality. Education directly can never guarantee the best personality because education is not personality, education is only the way which teaches us the knowledge of getting the best personality like showing brotherhood, sincerity, justice, equality and sympathy to feel the grieves, exclamation and the demands of the people by acting practically over that to render great services, contribution, progress and peace for all masses in a country without racism, discrimination and recommendation is the exact definition of personality. Sad to say, the real definition of personality cannot be recognized in these third world countries because when a child opens his eyes, he grows up with target killing, terrorism, genocides, robbery, injustice and corruption which makes him disappointed of his life because these all evils bring the wrong and infective concept or ideology in mindset of our new generation.
On the other hand, education can never guarantee the best personality unless the best and impartial personalities work to introduce the exact meaning of personality because the mendacious leaders, personalities, politicians have founded the word personality such as ruling, accumulating wealth, having comfortable life and comfort only for themselves by corruption and violating the rights of poor and vulnerable masses. So, this is the time that all the leaders, intellectuals and other personalities have to wake up their conscience to eliminate these all selfish acts which only resulted in crisis and backwardness of Afghanistan and nothing worthwhile come out as an outcome of their deeds that they have exercised during many years of war and after the collapse of Taliban. In our society we have well-educated figures as well as leaders but their actions are not in alignment with their education.
To sum up, education gives knowledge and information about diverse things but it does not teach people directly how to adapt the best personality which results in acting in the best way possible so that the people of a community or country can be benefited in many ways and the works which those personalities do are based on the interest of all regardless of their classes, race, religion and so.

Ahmad Shah Karimi is the newly emerging writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at ahmadshah.karimi12@gmail.com

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