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Erdogan Bashing Must Stop


Erdogan Bashing Must Stop

An armed attack launched against the elected government and people in Turkey in the evening of 15 July 2016. It was well planned in advance and wide spread. Only the courage of the President Erdogan and resistance of the people has saved Turkish democracy. However, many lives are lost, mostly civilians: 246 deaths and 2185 wounded.
On that night, assailants used war planes, tanks, attack helicopters and sniper fire against people and government institutions. They carried out helicopter attack against the resort President Erdogan holidaying with his family and landed commando troops later there to kill or capture him. Obviously, he was the prime target of the failed coup.
Many aspects of the events on that night and later were reflected well by the international media. Yet, some striking and light shedding parts such as the confessions and conversations of the plotters have not yet been reached to international readers. Judicial investigation is in full force and soon we will be able to present a complete picture of it. So far, 10,460 people, mostly from military and police units, are taken into custody. 4,060 of them have been arrested after their first interrogation by the attorneys; 103 of them are army generals and 80 are police chiefs. Many more are fired from other governmental departments.
Some may honestly be confused by this wide spread arrests and firings. We respect this and believe that with the emerging facts they may be convinced. Yet, we are also aware of those who have immediately jumped to criticism of President Erdogan after having condemned the coup half- heartedly. It seems that they are not acting with reason and objectivity, but hatred and deep prejudices of Erdogan. I am sorry to say that, but, they themselves are paranoid: paranoid of Islam or Islamists.
The fact is that Islam and Islamists are mostly peaceful, reconciled with democracy and fundamental human rights. Categorizing them as terrorists and denying them the benefits of democracy and basic rights are counter productive. For a peaceful order and better future we need to respect and understand each other.
Erdogan is a democratically elected president. He himself was persecuted due to his political views. He knows the value of freedom and not in conflict with it. His movement basically has become popular by its call of freedom and political rights to Muslims in the repressive Islamic countries. You like him or not, he is in the minds and hearts of millions of Muslims all over the world and has reinforced that position by failing the recent coup attempt.
I would like to share some facts with you in order to show that how baseless and prejudiced even the most respected commentators could be: Our authorities’ one day suspension of flights in the Incirlik base in Adana, which conducts air operations against Daesh terrorists in Iraq and Syria, have been presented as Turkey, aftermath of the coup attempt, drifting away from allies and the West. The fact is that Turkish commander of this base was one of the coup plotters and 2 tanker planes from this base flied to Ankara and Istanbul during that night and refueled F-16 war planes in the air, thus enabling them resume bombing and intimidating people without rupture. So, for the investigation of that and finding out the culprits, this one day suspension is carried out there.
The other is the recent declaration of emergency rule in Turkey. Again many tried to present it as a development against democracy and human rights. well... France did it after the terrorist attack in Paris and has extended it 6 months after the recent terrorist attack in Nice. Do you think that coup case in Turkey is less serious than that? Government is obliged to protect people and democracy. There is an extra ordinary threat to them and emergency rule is required to counter it. it is absolutely necessary and democratic.
In response to our extradition request of the chief of these terrorists, Allies have demanded us to present solid judicial evidence against him. What evidence? Had they provided judicial evidence while droning and killing many suspected terrorists day and night, here and there? Haven’t they even occupied countries and rounded thousands in prisons in the name of fighting terrorism, mostly based on their intelligence, real or fabricated?
Gulenists are members of a secretive cult. They are double faced. They are not democracy or human rights lovers. While controlling the courts, they persecuted many opponents ruthlessly. When a respected author tried to publish a book with the name of “Army of the Imam”, he was immediately jailed and kept in jail for many years. Similarly, a military prosecutor was tried more than 5 years under arrest and sentenced to 50 years for shedding light to their clandestine organization in the military. Many other army officers and generals were kept in prison more than 5 years and condemned long years in prison at the court cases of so called Ergenekon and Balyoz with falsified documents and evidences by them for political reasons and also simply for occupying their positions. They also  purged many in other governmental departments with the aim of  vacating positions for themselves by false claims and court cases, after establishing full control at the human resources departments of almost all public institutions.
The loyalty of Gulenists is not to the law and state but to their leader and cult. With the help of their extensive school and dormitory system and cheating methods, they were able to place the graduates of these schools to state institutions in thousands. They have also developed their own business, media, university, hospital bodies.

No one will tolerate self-faithful and robotic members of a cult in public service and power positions.

Ali Akin is the current Turkish Ambassador to Afghanistan.

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