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Afghanistan Turning to Good Market for Indian Products


Afghanistan Turning to Good Market for Indian Products

Afghanistan markets are largely occupied with low quality products of neighboring countries some of which are extremely poor and harmful. These poor quality products are widely available in Afghan markets which excessively contributed to health issues in the country. They do not merely jeopardize the health of thousands of men, women and children but also hit a financial loss onto Afghan suffering people. Unfortunately, there is no successful measure to control the low quality products from importing to the Afghan market while thousands of people lose their lives due to the mentioned reason. On the other hand, some Afghan traders have also role in ordering and bringing low quality products with the purpose of gaining more profits. Recently, a Chinese businessman expressed in the Facebook that some traders deny eating in Non-Muslim restaurant while they recommend poor quality product and fake labels.
Afghanistan as a consuming country is considered a good market for foreign products.  There is a big competition between many countries of the region to attract consumers in Afghan market, but the evidences show that Indian and some Iranian products have good reputation in Afghan markets and exceptionally surpassing other products.  India is also a country that is perceived among Afghans as a peace-loving and peace-supporting country, and Afghans believe that India pursues prosperity, welfare, development and peace in Afghanistan and has made major economic contributions to support development in Afghanistan.  Some experts believe that given the economies of scale Indian products have; they can offer standard ISO quality at low cost. Moreover, Indian companies can also support the local distribution system to become more channelized for organized retailing. 
In addition, India invested around $300 million dollar to build Chabahar Port and is building the railway line costing another $ 400 million to connect Afghanistan, a landlocked country, to the sea.  India also, invested around $300 million for building Salma Dam recently inaugurated by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi in western Afghanistan. India also built the most beautiful building in the region for Afghan Parliament last year. India for pursuing a peaceful policy toward Afghanistan and not being involved in any of the violence in Afghanistan over the past several decades, has a good reputation among Afghan people. After surveying Afghan markets, one will find many Indian products which include but not limited to rice, wheat, electronic equipments, clothing, shoes, medicines and medical equipments.
Some of Afghan traders who frequently do business with Indians say that products which Afghan consumers need to buy on regular basis and for long term usages both can be very nicely handed by ISO (International organizations for standardization) from Indian side at price.  Plus for industrial level products big machineries and plants can also come with high functionalities at reasonable cost. Indian companies can also be easily approached for creating assembly hubs in Afghanistan for various Indian products which will increase job opportunity and support the GDP.  Proper tanning machineries and raw materials can make – leather industry modernize, weaving technology to upgrade high quality and durable plus dependable carpet production and newer farming technologies can convert small scale industries like honey production into a big scale export oriented global industry apart from doing the same for other agriculture product.   The opportunities are endless for comprehensive holistic development.
Another issue is that most Afghans follow the policy of buying & throwing away of household items due to none availability of proper service centers.  According to an Indian economic expert and business developer improving business with regional countries will help to establish “standard after sale services centers” including repairing services.
Some Indian products and brands are very famous in Afghanistan. TATA is a famous Indian brand in Kabul.  Hundreds of TATA made buses are transporting Afghan citizens in Kabul from one side to another on a daily basis.  According to a number of Afghans interviewed, Afghans prefer to buy Indian products rather than the products of other countries of the region for good quality and for the India’s generosity and good will toward the people and government of Afghanistan.
Thousands of Afghans visit India for medical purposes on the daily basis.
According to Afghan experts and Afghan common believes all Indian products including medication is of high quality.  Commonly, Afghan people believe that India has good will toward Afghanistan and will never think of selling poor quality products.
It seems that after the construction of Chabahar Port, trading activities between Afghanistan and India has intensively boosted and Afghan markets are more ready to welcome many Indian products.  If the Afghan government encourage Indian traders and businessmen to have joint ventures that will be a bigger boost. 

The Afghan Government should pave way for Indian investment in Afghanistan for more trade between two friendly countries. Finally, all indicators show that Afghan markets are more optimistic to Indian products as Afghans happily purchase Indian products and unquestionably deal with them.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the newly emerging writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@ gmail.com

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