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Rome was not built in a day


Rome was not built in a day

Nothing great or valuable is possible in this world within a short space of time. All such things must be accomplished gradually. No one can reach the summit of a mountain by a single leap. The climbing must be done slowly and cautiously and considerable effort is required to reach the top. A building cannot rise suddenly from its foundation, then the plinth, then the walls and finally the roof. The city of Rome with its magnificent buildings, public parks and squares and its extensive empire, embracing almost the whole world, was not the work of single day. Rome was at first only a small village having only a few mean huts. Long years of patient toil on the part of the people, their perseverance and strong determination made Rome the greatest power in the world and helped her to attain the height of glory and prosperity. It was not the work of days or months but years. That is true of everything great in this world. One cannot expect to be successful in any great undertaking in the course of a few days, in order to accomplish any difficult task certain qualities are essential. In the first place, a clear-cut plan arrived at after due and mature deliberation is necessary. Secondly, there must be an earnestness about the work undertaken, and lastly, patient perseverance is needed to carry the work through. Over and above these essential qualities, time and steady application and industry are also indispensable. Armed with these qualities, anyone can hope to achieve success in any enterprise, however great and difficult it might be.
Without the qualities mentioned above, however, it is not possible to accomplish any great object or to come out successful in any difficult undertaking. If a person sets about anything within a definite and carefully considered plan, ten to one he will have to turn back after having proceeded a little way and so much labor and time will be wasted. He will meet with difficulties which he never contemplated and he will have no other alternative but to begin afresh. Haste and impatience also stand in the way of success. These two things make diligence, perseverance and close attention impossible and, without these, there can be no hope of success. Moreover, one who does not possess patience is not capable of sustained effort begin to lose their intensity and one gives up the talks in disgust. Want of perseverance is another obstacle in the path of success. In every great undertaking one is sure to meet with failures, for the path of success is not strewn in one’s work steadily and perseveringly. But one who is not endowed with this qualities of perseverance will receive a setback as soon as failures overtake. One will lose all energy and give up ones task in despair.
On the other hand, this proverb inspires men and women to constantly pursue their goals; work harder; climb every small step of success ladder to reach much higher than sky to see themselves at “top of the world”. Furthermore, history says itself and gives us lots of examples whether it is magnificent architecture, monument or people themselves. For instance, it took a thousands of skillful laborers and decades to build Taj Mahal; fame as “No 1” rank in Seven Wonders of World. 8 year old boy started working at petrol pump worked hard for decades to become entrepreneur of “No 1” petroleum refinery industries known as Reliance Industries. That extraordinary person is Dhirubhai Ambani who has created his vast empire of Reliance Industries in field of petroleum, cloth, etc. This all did not happen in a single day or fortnight. It took decades of hardship to achieve their ambition, their dream they have seen. People often think that they work hard and they should get immediate results and deserve for success. By all means, they are wrong, because great things in life cannot be achieved instantly nor does success come to their door knocking every evening. Instant success achieved is of no value and fades away easily as the sun sets every evening. Let’s face it, the fact is that nothing can be achieved overnight, a man simply cannot hope to achieve anything great within a day. Only through patient and hard work anything of real significance can be achieved.
Writing a book for example cannot be achieved with computer or modern technology alone. It needs real brain work. Only by using one’s imagination and patient toil can such a thing be done. Likewise, if a man/woman wants to reach high position in life, he/she should put in hard toil for years. However, this is a kind of perseverance that every person needs to cultivate. People have got to realize that obstacles will certainly come on the way; and the path to success is always strewn with stones and thorns. They must keep their spirit alive and upright, until they reach the destination. The jungles are dark and daunting, but when once they cross these woods and reach the other end, the joy is boundless and the journey become worth the trouble. Although through this long journey lots of hurdles, and adversities will come on the way but a man can achieve it if he stands firmly and work hard and consider it a task which may need years of struggle that finally leads to great and outstanding result. In life people need to sacrifice small things so that they reach to prodigious things.

In brief, the proverb “Rome was not built in a day” teaches people to allow time for the accomplishment of a great object and must have patience and perseverance to see it through. The proverb is an eye-opener and a source of encouragement for everyone. If for the building of the vast Roman Empire it was necessary to spend vast energy and enormous time, then it is no wonder that proportionate energy and time will have to be spent for all great things. The example of Rome should fill everyone with vigour and energy even though he/she meets the failures, and should take them onward till they succeed in achieving the great object which is their goal.

Ahmad Shah Karimi is the newly emerging writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at ahmadshah.karimi12@gmail.com

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