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Extremism Leads to Destruction


Extremism Leads to Destruction

“We are the best; others are the worst. We are righteous and pious; others are sinful and are led astray. We are the blessed people while others are the cursed ones. This universe and all its laws are governed by our beliefs while others’ beliefs are stupid nonsense. The whole universe circulates around us because we are the focal point and others are here because we have to be here” – These sorts of beliefs are common to most of nations, casts and religious sects. Most of the nations, casts and religious sects divide the people into “we” and “they”. “We” means people belonging to their own nation, cast or sect and “they” means people belonging to other nations, castes or sects. In sociological point of view, it is almost inevitable for an individual to be without any love for his nation, cast or sect. An individual born in any of today’s societies has to be somewhat ethnocentric. But extravagant ethnocentrism and superfluous hatred for other ethnic groups, nations and countries are not natural. An individual may think other casts, sects and nations weird and somewhat funny but he may not hate them. Hatred for other casts, nations and sects are intentionally developed into an individual’s mind by political lords, who turn natural ethnocentrism into extremism because emotion-led and senseless beliefs can easily be controlled and cheated; and as far as religious and nationalistic extremisms are concerned they are the extremes of all extremisms and history must stand as a witness to my this point that they have always been used for political stage settings.
Extremism, of any kind and in any way, cannot be justified because it influences and disturbs others. If your religion, your nation or your sect are right and others are weirdly ridiculous it is because you are thinking others in terms of your own motives, values or habits. If you want to understand them you have to analyze them in terms of their values and sociological settings. Then, I think they may not seem weird to me and I may not hate them to the extent that makes my use of violence and terrorism for dominance justifiable for me. I should love my religion, my nation and my cast by I do not have the right to pester others. I do not have the right to call others barbarians and savages if they do not pester me. I may be right in my this sort of thinking but I think right concepts are somewhat sporadic and is not appreciated by those who do not want me to think in this way and who want their own self-centered desires fulfilled through me and if I think of cooperation with others; this may vanish jealousy and enmity, which they do not want because it may bother their political lives and neglect the importance of their existence and popularity.
Extremism is directly related to the intensity of the belief. These beliefs can be related to any of the ideologies. It is not necessary that this ideology should be religious. It can be related to any ism or to even so-called civilized system. Robert Francis Kennedy had observed, “What is objectionable, what is dangerous, about extremists is not that they are extreme, but that they are intolerant. The evil is not what they say about their cause, but what they say about their opponents.”
The extremist beliefs are not very intense in human psychology from birth but they are intensified by looking the world from same ideological perspective or they can be intensified by religious or political leaders who do not bother much about the truth but they always have their incentives in their cunning minds. Queen Rania of Jordon had rightly said, “I do not think people by nature are extremists. You will never find a population of extremists. Extremists have existed throughout the centuries on all religions. And what happens is, extremists start to have more leverage when the situation is bad”.
Sometimes these leaders make the common people believe that their existence can be guaranteed and their place can be justified in the heaven if they launch war against other sects and casts. Sometimes these leaders make the same common people believe that their prosperity lies in the dictatorial government; even they make them kill thousands of people without any justification of right and wrong. Sometimes, these leaders make the people believe that their civilization superiority depends upon launching war against the other people because they call the third world countries as terrorists and backward in terms of civilization, but the question is who has given such leaders the authority and merit to call a single ideology or ism as the absolute truth?
I think these all ideologies and isms are relatively true and this relative analysis proves the universal stupidity of any such nonsense and make them stand nowhere in absolute frame of reference.
Extremism can take us nowhere except to the threshold of destruction, where humanity would be crying at the remains of burnt human lives due to jealousies, holy wars and wars for political dominancy and economic benefits. And those burnt lives would be of our colleagues, our fellow-beings and above all of the people of our own type who have been fooled by the so-called religious and political leaders and who have been the people with miseries and sufferings already in their lives. Abdallah II had once quoted, “Earth's dispossessed are vulnerable targets for extremists: those who teach that global justice is meaningless; that satisfaction can come only in violence, division, and intellectual isolation”.

It is a crystal clear fact that the people who are poor and suffer because of lack of requirements and facilities of life are greatly vulnerable to terrorism because they are ready to do anything in order to get out of the suffering they are in. While, the unfortunate fact is that the leaders and the systems that should be solving their problems and issues are themselves involved in invigorating their conditions and taking full advantage of them, which is really pathetic and highly tragic.

Dilawar Sherzai is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at email.urya@gmail.com

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