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Ideological Differences Facilitate Militancy


Ideological Differences Facilitate Militancy

Insurgency stems from ideological differences and people fall victim to violence and bloodshed on the grounds of their racial, sexual and sectarian backgrounds. One, who happens to be born in a particular geography with certain color and creed, is treated as pariah in the perspective of some ideologues, without having done a crime. The ideological difference creates a rift among people and parties and breed conflicts. Now, a number of individuals’ fundamental rights are violated in different parts of the world, mainly in Afghanistan, for their accidental backgrounds.
Although, people share common feelings, social standards and cultural norms in a society, a number of individuals show tendency towards breaking law and ethical code and succumb to societal temptations in one way or another. For instance, some yield to advertising gimmicks and copy the same styles and fashions of models, actors/actresses, singers, etc. to the detriment of their cultural heritage and moral values. In another item, they are alienated from their cultural values and adopt liberal way of life. On the other hand, however, some are born in a close structure and nurture a set of fundamental mindset. They claim to practice the very perfect school of thoughts with flawless rule and regulation believing that others have been led astray. After all, they resort to violence under the pretext of saving moral erosion. Based on this false assumption, they justify their acts of violence and trample upon the rights and dignity of the public. So, the second group does not only step out of moral restrictions but break the state law flagrantly – which is considered crime and lawbreakers are to be prosecuted. Now, the question is that why some individuals, unlike many others who live in the same society and share the same culture and traditions, show inclination to breaking moral standards and even state law?
There are many reasons behind this fact. Lack of social control is one of the contributing factors which paves the grounds for perpetrating crime and corruption. Although, a considerable number of people believe in shared values and accepted norms, nonetheless, they are inclined in transgressing moral values and ignore social requirements, mainly when there is lack of social control from the government. Similarly, differences in values which originate from cultural varieties provide opportunities for some and discriminate others. For instance, apartheid in South Africa was a major blow for the Black. The White enjoyed all facilities and had access to the best schools and universities – where the Black was just deprived. Normally, those who were not entitled to have the same opportunities as others in their surroundings will show inclination to perpetrating crime. Since the deprived layers of a society are humiliated in some ways and their rights and dignity are trampled upon and their voice may have fallen in a deaf ear, ethical code and law will be meaningless for them. Likewise, sometimes not a group but an individual fails to get his/her ambitions, s/he may seek to gain their desires in any possible way – be it at the cost of breaking moral values, law or violating the rights of others.
Moreover, it is believed that man is not born criminal and inclination to violating law and order and amoral or immoral practices are not natural or congenital. One acquires their criminal characters from immoral environment, their playmates, classmates, etc. In other words, deviating from the social path is a process rather than happening suddenly or being an impromptu case and one will get this characteristic through interacting with others. When one socializes in a criminal environment and interacts with criminal individuals, s/he will learn it with the passage of time. It is worth saying that media also play a crucial role in prompting people to be tempted to positive or negative attitudes. As a result, the changes that media have brought in our country within the last decade are easily tangible. A large number of youths, including male and female, have adopted the styles of foreign countries which are mostly in conflict with our cultural values and social norms. Some have been alienated from the country’s ethical code since foreign cultures have been desensitized through serial and amorous films.
The same is the case with the fundamental groups. Since they are born and bred in radical environment and socialized in a close structure, they cherish radical ideology and show no tolerance towards the public practices. Socializing in the hotbed of terror, lack of social control, interacting with radical and intolerant individuals, being deprived of enjoying an appropriate social status or a good life due to poverty and failing to reach their ambitions, are all the factors that have forced a number of people to succumb to violence and bloodshed.
The world should eliminate the hubs which are changed into hotbed of radicalism for decreasing terrorism. Members of warring parties who come from ill environment and filled with strong sense of intolerance and pessimism will hardly ever make peace with the world. Perhaps the militants come from the poor families who have been held in contempt for years and now violence run in their blood. So, besides destroying their fundamental milieu, it would be highly crucial to strengthen the social control within the country and tighten security, especially in the borders, so as to mitigate militancy.

Hujjattullah Zia is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at zia_hujjat@yahoo.com

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