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The “Light Movement” Supporters in Kabul


The “Light Movement” Supporters in Kabul

The demonstration that was held on May 16, 2016 in Kabul was on changing the route of 500KV electricity (power line) from Salang route to Bamyan. The demonstration had many reflections which showed that people are no longer eager to launch movements that will result in conflict and violence. They just wanted to let the government know that they do not want their rights to be violated. They want their voices to be heard by government. In addition, the protest was aimed to show that people do not like the discrimination that the high officials have exercised for many times and continue to do so. People emphasized that they will stand against the decision so that the government reverts it to the original plan.  A team of German engineers, after a sensitive and comprehensive survey approved that through Bamyan route the TUTAP project will be easily done and it needs a low budged than the Salang route which is extremely insecure and during winter it is quite hard to work on due to heavy snow.
The first reflection of the protest was that it was held by hundreds of thousands of people in Kabul as well as in other countries by Afghans. Fortunately the protest in the Kabul ended up without violence. Unexpectedly, it was quite peaceful and extraordinary because the protestors handed over flowers to security forces and cleaned up the streets from the things which they consumed by the protesters which was the first in its kind in the history of Afghanistan and no one expected such behavior. Unfortunately the government locked down the route through the presidential palace with containers.
On the other hand, these protestors were not keen to see any instability and all that they want is equality and the equal rights that they deserve. Additionally, the time has come that President Ashraf Ghani should honor the promises that he gave during presidential campaign to the people of those provinces. That time he assured people that if he wins the election he would implement the electricity which was approved by previous government.
The second is that if the 500 KV transmission line is routed through Bamyan province, the people of Bamyan and other related provinces will have the blessings of electricity which will brighten their life and most importantly, by implementing this project through Bamyan there will be lots of opportunities as ten and thousands of people from Afghanistan and other countries come to pay a visit and see the treasures that this province has. However, more people will be attracted to this province and businessmen will invest in this province since they get benefits from investing their money in the province and lots of job opportunities will be provided to the poor class of the society and overall it has a great advantage for entire nation and increases. Therefore, the economy of Bamyan and related provinces will grow up rapidly when the project is done.
If this project goes through Samangan and Bamyan provinces, It will help the coal mining in Samangan province and iron-ore of Hajigag mining in Bamyan greatly and going to be one of the greatest supports for the economy of the country. In addition, this route will be safer as compare to Salang route and it would be safe from natural disaster. Furthermore, when the work of this project starts the people of central provinces those who live in poverty will have employment opportunities.
The forth reflection of this peaceful protest was that, during past 15 years the central provinces had a vigorous contribution in many parts of the country’s development, for instance, the election, civil works, and other walks of life but in return they were excluded from such development that obviously brings a vast difference in their lifetime. So, by the implementation of TUTAP project through Samangan-Bamyan which will transit from adjacent provinces too, will show the people of these areas that the government care and want their welfare. It not only increases the trust of people on government and their justice but also they will have an active part far better than past in every case that needs contribution of all classes of people which is based for the betterment of this brave nation.
On the other, Bamyan has many other tourist attractions such as Band-e-Amir and the two biggest Buddha Salsal which has the heights of 54 meter high and Shammamah which is 34 meter. However, the implementation of this project will guarantee the future of Bamyan as it was given the name of OSCAR by international community. Hence, those countries will continue to support and aid Afghanistan since they feel that this nation is keen to shape their future and want civilization and development, and everything is done for the interest of all people.
To wrap up, in this civil movement people participated to ask the government to work according to law and constitution of the country not for their own self-interest. If this project starts as it was planned through Bamyan route lots of the problems will be solved and the role of National Unity Government (NUG) will be preserved.

Ahmad Shah Karimi is the newly emerging writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at ahmadshahkarimi@hotmail.com

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