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How A Healthy Environment can Impact Our Lives?


How A Healthy Environment can Impact Our Lives?

Environment is a place in which people live their lives, so its cleanliness and good weather would be considered a huge advantage for people since they are busy in different walks of life and a healthy environment can insure the safety of their lives not only physically but also mentally. Besides, when the surrounding is tidy the children attitude, mindset, and brain will be outstanding. Our environment plays an important role in our health. In order to have good health, we need to have safe, clean environments to live, work and play in. Many diseases can be prevented by eliminating environment related risk- factors. By taking care of our environments, we take care of ourselves. People choose to live in urban areas so they can have a better quality of life. They want to be at the heart of economic activity, and to have more job opportunities and other social and economic advantage. However, city living brings a range of challenges. When the surrounding is not good and clean then life become hard and lots of physical and mental illnesses will rise and people will not be able to work properly. As a result, the amount of disease increases and people have to spend most of their earnings on curing and treating these dangerous diseases that are brought up by a bad and polluted environment.
Importance of a Healthy home
Homes are meant to be safe-havens that provide shelter and safety from the weather and the outside world. Having safe homes to live in protects us from injury and disease. But to keep our homes clean and free of health risks we must take good care of them. There are many things we can do to make our homes undesirable places for insects. Pests are very similar to humans in the fact that they need the same things to survive that we do: food, water and shelter. By limiting their access to these three requirements we can discourage them from settling in and around our homes. First of all, throwing away the piles of garbage into trash bin or in a lacuna is vital that unfortunately most of the time some respectable families disregard doing that. Secondly, we should make sure that all of the food including leftover is securely stored and out of reach of insects and pet animals. And finally we should eliminate sources of standing water and make sure that water sources are covered all times. By making sure that all areas of our homes are clean and tidy we are decreasing the number of places that insects might try to build their homes or nests.
Importance of Save Drinking Water
Many of us do not realize how important it is to have safe water to drink and how fortunate those who do have it. You probably assume that safe drinking water is easy to come by and that everyone has access to it. As a matter of fact it is quite the opposite, because 1.1 billion people on the earth do not have access to save drinking water. At this point you may be wondering what is the difference between safe drinking water and unsafe drinking water is. Safe drinking water is free of harmful bacteria and viruses. These germs can sometimes make people very sick. To prevent this we have to make sure that our water is clean before we drink it. So, drinking clean water can prevent diseases and guarantee our lives in some extent. Therefore, give your best shot to use from clean water in addition, make sure your catchment tank is properly set up. It should have a good cover on it. However, boiling water at a rolling boil for at least one minute will kill any germs that may be in water.
Clean Air to Breathe

Air pollution seriously affects human health, damages our ecosystems and causes deterioration of buildings and monuments. Cleaning up our cities’ air is one of the main keys to have a healthy environment. But it is not an easy task. It needs proper action to be taken not only by government but also by people themselves who sometimes do not take the responsibility to do what they can about creating a nice and scrubbed environment. The presence of too many vehicles is another major problem that make the air polluted, therefore the government must think and consider this issue seriously and make a comprehensive plan and implement it so that the air pollution decrease step by step. The number of private cars must be decreased and buses should be placed for commuting of people. By doing this, there is a possibility of having a good and clean environment which people will live in ease and will not have to stress out because of the pollution. Above all, the folks should hold them accountable for creating a healthy environment and each individual should take part for cleaning the environment from garbage and rubbish which now-a-days on the main streets of Kabul city. However, the municipality of Kabul should play an important role since it is their responsibility to do its job reponsibaly. Furthermore, they should provide trash bins on every main roads as well as on the corners of the streets so that people throw the garbage inside them. By doing these simples ways in no time we are going to see a flourishing environment which can bring a major change in lives of masses and most of people from other countries will be excited to pay a visit in Kabul and more opportunities will be provided for work and education because when the surrounding is quite good the students will be able to study well with a good mindset which enable them to get the most out of the lessons that they study.

Ahmad Shah Karimi is the newly emerging writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at ahmadshahkarimi@hotmail.com

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