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What it Takes to Bring Peace?


What it Takes to Bring Peace?

Peace is a source of comfort, freedom, education, success, happiness and above all the welfare of the people. With the help of peace a society can improve and its people can gain their goals and become successful in the journey called life. But without peace people remain illiterate and they will not be able to single out between good and bad. So, when there is no peace the life of masses become desperate and will live in agitation. Therefore, each society should work hard to bring peace in their communities to enable every single member of its citizens to come along and take part for the rehabilitation and progress of the country. This is the only way to make a difference when all of the folks are gathered and trying to accomplish the thing that probably turn their lives upside down.
Although, Afghanistan faced decades of continues war, the existence of Taliban regime (the act of terror) and other internal issues such as lake of education, awareness, unity and presence of discrimination that most of the fundamental plights are raised from. In spite of all these complications that in some extent did not let Afghanistan to experience peace and stability still there are myriad ways put a conclusion to instability and bring prosperity which every individual of this society wants deeply and there is nothing else more important than the peace itself which opens the pathways for the future. Peace can brighten the lives of Afghans that is gloomy in the status quo. Due to insecurity the young generation could not get education especially in those areas which are controlled by Taliban and other armed groups. They go to school with the fear of losing their lives but they maintain studying despite all the threats and ups and down that put them in stake.
First, there should be the establishment of small groups of people not only in cities but also in remotes areas of the country to work together to accomplishment the common goal which is security and peace. They should come together with the intention of changing the condition. They must gather with the hope of creating a generation of Afghans who can grow up in a country without violence and conflict and address the issues that affect their everyday lives. Such groups should be led by a capable leader who knows the importance of peace and its vital role in the development of the society, however, he would have to teach others how to bring peace-building strategies and skills to their community. If these groups are trained well enough then the members of such small groups will be able to show the way for others and it will be passed from one to the other and ultimately can become part of a larger peace. Besides, by coming together and discussing the issues of conflict and violence their communities are facing, the groups’ leaders find ways to mitigate and mediate them and it is in helping each other that two hands get strength. Even though for now it seems impossible to bring peace but with the help of all the classes of people of our society from high officials to ordinary people it becomes possible and more importantly, the people must be committed and find passion because it takes some sacrifice and perseverance to overcome a hardship and reach to the thing that was always considered out of the reach. One thing to be beard in mind is that you should be optimistic about the future because it will give you the motivation to struggle and jump over hurdles. Everyone deserve a chance to succeed they may need a little help to do it.
Second, though starting with small solutions for small conflicts may look something priceless but it will bring a huge difference as it is done and practiced continuously. We should start reforming ourselves to have a peaceful mind, then we will have the ability to bring peace. I am certain that if drop by drop can become a river so the small solutions and acts can do the same function. When tiny deeds are done then little by little they will be transferred to the highest levels. On other hand, while the work is started from lower steps which include families and groups then it can be extended to district level and even to the provincial level. When the task is based to address the tiny problems that exist in the community it will result in an incredible way the will gratify some and astonish the rest which eventually encourage the rest of the folks to take part in such worthwhile programs that brings too many fruitful alteration in their lives and the future of the country.
Third, the government has to create some essential programs and seminars to raise the awareness of people about peace and its importance in daily lives as well as for the future development of Afghanistan. Such programs must give comprehensive strategies about solving the problems, conflicts and disputes that most of the time small crises arise from and ultimately turn to big issues which become hard enough to get rid of.  When these sort of difficulties are being solved than we can expect wider peace in whole. In other words, the seminars must be held for men as well as for women because peace simply cannot be achieved if half of the nation is not in the play to help create it and the reason is that women showed their abilities beyond expectation in different walks of life so they can do in peace too. Once they are trained and taught about the ways how to bring peace and how to preserve it then they can bring in the picture those who have not taken part in those kind of vital programs. I emphasize that if such programs are made and implemented properly by government there is a great hope that it will have a great consequence. This is a process that needs to start and the more it is procrastinated the worst the result will be. However, Afghanistan needs to begin a nationwide process of bringing peace step by step.
To start to put the past behind it and look to the future not determined by terrorism and other insurgent groups. To do so the government should put in place a reconciliation process in which people have trust and confidence that it will be a bridge that connect the sides together.

Ahmad Shah Karimi is the newly emerging writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at ahmadshahkarimi@hotmail.com

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