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Afghanistan’s Main Concerns


Afghanistan’s Main Concerns

Insecurity in Afghanistan is not the only trouble for the common people. There are many other problems as well that haunt their lives and make them miserable. Some of the problems are directly linked to insecurity; like, people are not able to have access to health and other facilities of life.
With the growing concerns in Afghanistan, the prospects of peace and tranquility do not seem very much clear; yet, there are possibilities to start afresh from this point and reach to a somewhat reputable position in the times to come and save the nation from another age of instability and misery. There is no doubt that for its journey to stability Afghanistan would require a great deal of assistance from the regional countries and Western allies. However, the most dominant role has to be played by Afghanistan itself. Afghan authorities in contribution with Afghan people can really change the destiny and can guarantee a promising future for the generations to come; all it needs to do is to focus on certain considerations.
It depends largely on how Afghan authorities will deal with the circumstances ahead. At this crucial juncture, when the Western allies have withdrawn most of the forces and the regional countries are very much interested in pursuing their own interests, the Afghan government does not have any other option but to be more responsible and deal with the situation on its own. Currently there are many concerns about the Afghan government; addressing them is in its total control if other things are out of it. Afghan government can listen to the different voices in the country that are peace-loving and want a better future for Afghanistan in the form of better political system. Moreover, Afghan authorities can make sure to hold the parliamentary election on time that strong foundation of a democratic setup is put in place. At the same time they can work on developing the political institutions and make them as much strong as possible as it is the institutions that make the evolution of political system towards stability and prosperity possible. This is possible if the government is ready to adopt a flexible and democratic attitude towards different opinions regarding the political amendments in the country.
Afghan government can control the rampant corruption that has incapacitated the assistance from being used in the right direction. It has penetrated deep within the country’s socio-political and socio-economic atmospheres and will keep on doing so unless proper attention is paid to it. It can adopt a strict policy regarding the poppy cultivation and smuggling that has not only debilitated the lives of Afghan people but has been fueling the terrorism to a large extent, as well.
Afghan government can adopt a clear policy regarding the reconciliation process in the country. Taliban, even after very welcoming remarks have denied to take initiative regarding talks with the government. In fact, they, as a response, have continued violence and terrorism, while Afghan government apart from welcoming them has not been able to offer anything else. It is not necessary that Afghan government must pursue the issue militarily but they have to come up with a practical policy regarding the issue.
At the same time, Afghan government can revise its relations with the neighboring countries so that they should be improved. It is correct that neighboring countries have not fulfilled much as far as their responsibilities are concerned, yet Afghan government has to bring about innovations and flexibility and diplomatic prudence in its approach towards them.
Afghan government has to keep in consideration as well that as a result of decades of instability and socio-economic and political problems, the Afghan people have been suffering from myriads of problems. Though there have been certain important improvements made in the last decade or so, some very concerning issues still exist that threaten the lives of the common people of Afghanistan. There are claims that changes have been brought within Afghan society; however, it should be noted that if the effectiveness of the changes have to be felt or observed, they should be observed by the changes in the lives of the common people. If there is any change in the condition of living of the common people as the outcome of the change; the change should be guarded for and even backed and supported vehemently. If not, either the claim must be discarded as wrong or the efforts should be improved to make the changes effective. And that is what Afghanistan needs to do – it has to improve its efforts to bring about necessary changes in the lives of the common people that have been jeopardized both by insecurity and lack of rudimentary requirements of life.  
Moreover, development works to improve the standard of living of the common people are not carried out because of the security threats, thus the desired objectives are not attained in this regard. People, in some parts of the country, are not able to have access to education as well. Schools are shut by force and the school going children are irritated.

While living in a state, the people expect and expect rightly that they should be provided their basic requirements of life by the state and the government. In the modern concept of state, protecting the basic rights of the people and providing them the requirements to live a better life are considered as the basic functions of a state. As a matter of fact, the functions of a state, to a large extent, depend on the end it pursues. There was a time when the state performed very limited functions and was primarily concerned with the maintenance of law and order and protection of the country from external aggression. However, in the modern times the nature of the state has undergone complete transformation. It now strives to attain welfare of the common people. The government of Afghanistan, therefore, needs to make sure that the common people of Afghanistan are provided their basic requirements like food, cloth, shelter and security and other important requirements of life like education, health facilities, job opportunities and other facilities.

Dilawar Sherzai is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at email.urya@gmail.com

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