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Noble Prize Winner’s Fate in Pakistan


Noble Prize Winner’s  Fate in Pakistan

The noble peace price won by Malala shows that the world believes in the struggle of Pakistani women in a Talabanized society. However I fear that Malala may meet the fate of renowned Pakistani scientist Dr. Abdul Salam, who even after winning the noble prize could not win the hearts of Pakistanis.

Whatever the religious ideas of Dr. Abdul Salam were but we even did not accept him as a Pakistani beside the fact that he had a role in the atomic program of Pakistan in the early stages. He spent his life out of Pakistan afterwards. However he was the man who could help Pakistanis in establishment of institutions where students could learn how to become scientists.

Malala is the girl who stood alone against the people against whom today Pakistani army has started military operation which is appreciated by all the sections of Pakistan and the main political parties. What Malala has done single handedly is even today impossible for those leaders behind whom support of millions of people is present.

Unfortunately Malala belongs to a nation which even did not dare to stand against the people who killed their Benazir Bhutto, slaughtered the security personnel of Pakistan and attacked military bases, airports, mosques, churches and markets. Malala does not belong to a nation which stood for a poor Bouazizi and shouted “we will avenge you”. The difference between Malala and the Street vendor Bouazizi is that Bouazizi revolted against the corrupt system of Tunisia while Malala became victim of the controversies of fundamentalist society of Pakistan. Surprisingly we are searching patriots and saviors in terrorists.

Instead of praising the efforts of Malala we objected the West that why West is not awarding the women killed in Drone attacks. Surprisingly today the same drone attacks are buried by Pakistanis and no one is speaking against the recent drone attacks.

The fact is Malala proved that ‘Pen is mightier than sword’. The person who attacked Malala is anonymous, possibly might be killed in a military operation or will die anonymously one day. Hakeem Ullah Mehssod is forgotten. Usama Bin Laden was out of discussion even on the third day of his death. Very few mourned his death. But attack on Malala distressed many in Pakistan and today she is Noble Peace Prize winner. Malala has paved a way for an environment which can lead to establishment of a society of progressive views and development. The mission of Malala is not a conspiracy but it is an initiative for a positive change in society which we are demanding for decades. Her mission is not for her vested interests or fame.

It was because of “I am Malala petition” of UNO that National assembly of Pakistan passed the first ‘right to education bill’ in 2012. Malala Day is not the day of Malala but it is the day of all those who stood for their rights. The attack on Malala helped Malala to overcome her fear, hopelessness and weakness. This attack gave her strength and courage.

However the same incidence attached the sick mentality of many in Pakistan. Many doubted that even the attack was a drama and conspiracy. But no one thought that if the attack was a conspiracy then who planned this attack, who executed it and who took the responsibility. Many thought it a conspiracy against Pakistan and Islam. How a mission for education can be against Pakistan and Islam? Are we against the right of education of girls? Are we against the establishment of schools for girls?

I still could not find any logical technique which can solve the equation ‘Malala’s mission is equal to defamation of Islam and Pakistan’. In fact the people, who slaughtered innocent men and women and claimed to be the guardians of Islam, are really defaming Islam. Will non Muslims praise their this act of barbarism? Why should non Muslims think that this barbarism is not part of Islam when they see that Muslims are cutting the throats of Muslims and their country men are justifying this heinous act? How can we make them believe that what terrorists are doing is not part of Islam?

Malala has played such a role in a Talibanized society that can improve the lost image of Pakistani society. Her role is a ray of hope in the darkness of extremism and fundamentalism. She has taken an initiative that can lead to an awareness of education and human rights in urban societies. The mission of Malala is to create an environment where education and development can survive. Making the efforts of Malala controversial will dump the results of sacrifice of Malala. The efforts to defame Malala’s sacrifice are fundamentalist is nature. These are the same forces which destroyed the nation by justifying the terrorists and extremists. The media must expose these forces.

Farman Nawaz is a freelance writer. He can be reached at farmannawaz@gmail.com.

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