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The Persecution of Abdul Qadir Fetrat


The Persecution of  Abdul Qadir Fetrat

On Monday, June 27, Abdul Qadir Fetrat, the chairman of central bank of Afghanistan, in an unexpected measure announced his resignation and sought refuge in the United States of America. He explained the reason of his resignation and leaving the country as increasing danger to his life, particularly, after announcement of names of culprits behind Kabul Bank 2010, bankruptcy. Not much unlikely, the presidential spokesman, Waheed Omer, blamed him of treason and betrayal to Afghan people. And he also added that, based on reports submitted to judicial officials, Abdul Qadir was recognized as a possible guilty for Kabul Bank bankruptcy. Meanwhile, the Attorney General has also issued warrant of his detention and he charged him guilty in the case of Kabul Bank. He said that with the cooperation of US embassy in Kabul and Interpol police, he would be returned to Afghanistan and trailed in country's court of law.

Nowadays, something funny, at meantime, heart-breaking incidents are taking place here. The situation is far similar to tragic comedy movies. It becomes really complicated to notice where they all lead ultimately. Every branch of government refers to different chapters and articles of constitution and concludes that none other powers have the right to challenge it or disqualify its members. Weeks ago, MP's summoned the Attorney General along with Supreme Court members, including its head, chief justice, but none cared about. They argued that parliament does not have the right and the power to disqualify them from duties according to the constitution. They were called to house after the announcement of special tribunal investigation, which rejected almost one fourth of sitting MPs. After defiance, MPs overwhelmingly voted against and disqualified them in absence.

Now, does not it look ridiculous that the person who was disqualified and had to submit his resignation wants to persecute Mr. Abdul Qadir fitrat in court of law, in the very court whose members are disqualified too? Is it not funny for a foreign observer to look at mayhem and ask about authorized interpreter of constitution? Is the constitution filled with such giant shortcoming and default, or the mindset of our officials has become like that of Taliban and Al-Qaeda interpreters of holy book and Hadith who figures out from otherwise reasonable and peaceful verse and sentences violence and suicidal attacks?  
After his plucky revelation, like others, I appreciated him subsequently. Many hoped that after the revelation at least gentlemen like Attorney General move ahead and try his best to verify his allegation and send the case to Supreme Court. But that did not happen at all. Every body kept his mouth shut and none dared to talk about economically tragic incident of Kabul Bank for struggling country's economy—taking illegal loans and investing in foreign countries. From that long list reveled by Abdul Qadir Fitrat, none has been tried in court of law in the country till now, and all freely make mockery of officials with lounging on comfortable seats of their luxurious vehicles.

Why they have not been tried or persecuted?  Everybody knows that; because they are the family members of high ranking officials, including his highness and Excellency Mr. President, who sometimes shed crocodile tears while addressing Afghan civilians directly or through television, but secretly ensure his brother that nothing will go wrong at all. "Do whatever seems prolific for family business even if it costs the collapse of country's entire economy". Same is the case with first vice president. Such a family linkage gives them a state above law, because here the only thing officials are not concerned is law.
Ironically, in such a situation, Mr. Fitrat is found guilty and deserve punishment! What sort of Punishment? A Punishment for his not having a link with corrupt officials and for not collaborating with influential people who caused the bankruptcy of Kabul bank. No, but for his poor performance as chairman of central bank!

This type of trail looks odd even in somehow democratic countries. Poor performance is quite different from treason, betrayal that spokesman of President Karzai blamed him after his resignation. Afghanistan's central bank, like other central banks, has the responsibility to look over performance of private commercial banks—Check their liquidity, cash in reserves and their activities regarding payment of different types of loans and charging interests. What the Attorney General claims is that chairman of central bank have overlooked problems within Kabul Bank and ignored issues which led into 2010 mess. I can obviously recall after Washington post released the news regarding bankruptcy of the Bank, how people rushed to its branches and tried to withdraw their deposits. On that time, similar allegations were made against Mr. Fitrat and that the central bank was guilty for quandary.

But after interference of central bank and appointment of new chief for Kabul bank helped those murmuring diminished, but the culprits remained unknown till Mr. Fitrat bravely announced their names in Parliament.  Now he has the right to fear about his life in the prevalent situation that criminals are right on the road and no one dares to avoid respecting them. Can the administration of President Karzai guarantee his life, when Mr. President himself would be found guilty in connection to his brother's case if there was a free and fair court of law?  

Moreover, if Mr. Fitrat is really accountable in the case of Kabul Bank, why the Attorney General comes ahead too late and why he was not persecuted months after the incident. Seemingly, here every established institution and organization is for creation of problem not for the solution. As the especial tribunal has dampened the country into most potentially dangerous political gambling, now it is the turn of Attorney General to come ahead and play his cards.  The consequences are clear—more hunger, more miseries and more deaths.

Jawad Rahmani is the permanent writer of Daily Outlook Afghanistan and Writes on National and International issues. He can be reached through mail@outlookafghanistan.com

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