Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, January 17th, 2019

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Equality & Justice are the Backbone of a Nation

Dear Editor,
The people that have suffered in this country from the lack of equality and justice have had enough, and they are seeing the government weakening, thanks to the international community for introducing the real equality and justice for us all.
Who is being treated equal and equal to what are legitimate questions and concerns.
Equality does not mean that every man, woman, and child are identical rather it is a concept that is referring to the similarities and the sameness of people and it touches upon our common humanity despite our individual differences. Perhaps, justice is used to correct inequalities and bring things back to a healthy state of equality. Justice and equality are dependent upon one another. Each individual bears responsibility for their actions and injustices are committed by mistreating another and from turning away from an opportunity to correct an injustice.

Indeed, people will step over someone lying on a street in the middle of a crowded shopping plaza with the assumption the person is a drunk. That person might be sick or having a heart attack or a seizure. We must start caring for one another and let go of the things that separate us to embrace the things that hold us dear.

Kabul city, one of the most populated cities of Afghanistan living with maximum 3.50 billion populations seems quiet challenging. In the presence of ten years after the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan has been purred with gigantic amount of money to stabilize and reconstruct the most demolished parts of the country, but we see the progress, stability, development and progress and equality in particular are turning to become a never ending dream for each one of us. We as citizens of this country have the fair right to ask for each action hasn't been taken in its best way and worst way and the very ongoing inequality among the areas in Kabul city. We see most of the areas, yet unfortunately don't have access to proper potable water, proper health-care access, and fair rights which are the chief concept of satiability and progress.

Indeed, we always have been observing inequality, injustice and other unhealthy practices taking place everywhere and every day in our country, we didn't dear to go for justice and claim rights for what has been done to us, instead we shut up all the time. The government must perceive it and act justly to build upon the people's believe and expectations.
Above all, I believe no one is going to make things all better for you. Everyone has to step up and stand against the injustices that occur on a daily basis. To be treated as equal and to live in a just world then you have to treat others as equal and treat others with care.

Best Regards
Mohammad Nasim Zahidi
Parwan-e- 3, Kabul