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Parliament Denies Seat for Hindus

Dear Editor sahib,

Your newspaper mentions: “Parliament Denies Seat for Hindus December 15, 2013... " May one point out for your readers the following aort of the INDIAN system, which we have used since independence: Anglo-Indian seats The Anglo-Indian community is the only Indian community that has its own representatives nominated to the Lok Sabha (Lower House) in India's Parliament.

This right was secured from Nehru by Frank Anthony, the first and longtime president of the All India Anglo-Indian Association. The community is represented by two members. This is done because the community has no native state of its own.

Other states within India, like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Karnataka and Kerala also have a nominated member each in their respective State Legislatures. The report says: "If Kochis are provided with 10 seats in election law, then Hindus should be assigned one seat as well," MP Ahmad Behzad said.

"We demand a seat for our Hindu countrymen, I think that minorities must not be excluded from political rights," Balkh MP Gulalai Noor Safi said..." As an outsider, I feel that this is a mistake. However such errors can still be changed in the near future. During the government of the TALIBAN in Kabul, your Hindus and Sikhs were treated badly.

Many have left Afghanistan permanently. They have lived in AFGHANISTAN for centuries, as a minority. Why can not AFGHANS show their generous nature and kep ONE seat for a nominated member of the Hindu community? Do you all know what it means to be a voiceless minority? Let minorities not be ignored or crushed, anywhere in the world.

Ahmed Manali,

Himachal Pradesh, India